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Weather in Tuscany : chose your best season to visit the pearl of Italy

Tuscany and its wonders are a special sight 365 days a year, but every season and its weather offer nuances and colors that will make your visit unique and special. Follow us to find out more about the best time to visit Tuscany and how to better prepare yourself for your journey.


Summer in Tuscany

summer in tuscany

Summer is the best time to visit the coasts and the beautiful beaches of Tuscany. For a seaside vacation there are wonderful spots like Argentario, Forte dei Marmi and Isola d’Elba; you will surely find your corner of paradise between these and many other spots.

Summer in Tuscany is not only sandy beaches and sea, for the more adventurous Tuscany is also the perfect place for trekking and excursions to discover nature and its beauties in the mountains, ideal to take some fresh air during the hot summer. Among the most interesting routes there are certainly the peaks of the Apuan Alps, excursions in the Apennines or, closer to the city, the trek that follows the medieval ring that encircles Florence.

For those looking for relax, the hills and the countryside are the ideal place to find it. Walking around in the nature or discovering typical Tuscan products, the countryside is ideal for slowing down the pace and enjoying a peaceful holiday. The best accommodation? A villa with a swimming pool where you can refresh and fully enjoy this Tuscan summer

In the months of July and August we suggest you avoid the city, too crowded and hot to walk around and discover it at best, preferring other destinations. During this season the temperatures are hot and reach up to 95-100 ° F, which is why the climate is perfect for cooling off at the sea or immersed in nature.

Tuscany weather in June

Usually the weather in June seems weird. It is characterized by warm temperatures and thunderstorms during the afternoon. In June the average temperatures are between 25-30o C during the day and 15-20o C at night. So at night the weather is cooler, it will be better if you bring with you a jacket.

Tuscany weather in July

July is one of the hottest months in Tuscany. Sometimes the temperature ranging between 28-35o C. At night fortunately it is less hot but still with high temperature, between 22-27o C.

If you are looking for sunny hot days to spend at the beach or by the pool, then July is the perfect month to visit Tuscany.

Tuscany weather in August

August is the other month of the year that is really warm. During this month usually doesn’t rain. If you want to spend your holidays to the seaside in this month you can enjoy the Tuscan costs. All you need is to lay under the sun, get tan and get some vitamin D.

Winter in Tuscany

In winter Tuscany becomes quieter. The great cities of art like Florence, Siena and Pisa are empty of the tourists who had crowded it in the summer, becoming easier to visit. The temperature gets colder and you may have to bring an umbrella, but the magic of Tuscany remains in all its glory.

In winter you will find more locals in the streets, and you will have a magic experience with the city you visit. However, there is the risk that museums and churches reduce the days or hours of opening since we are in low season. It is very important to better organize your visit and check online the opening times. Not only cities, winter is also perfect for relax visiting the numerous thermal baths and hot springs like Bagni di San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni. Val d’Orcia, near Siena, is a valley famous for its thermal waters. Taking a hot bath here, surrounded by the wild nature, is a unique experience.  Not only relax but also fun, every winter in Viareggio, in the province of Lucca, there is an event that amazes and amuses everyone. Viareggio Carnival is one of the most famous and characteristic with its magical carnival floats parade, the biggest in all Europe. Five days of fun where typical sweets, masks and music create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Winter in Italy can be quite cold, so we recommend wearing a heavy jacket and take whit you an umbrella, avarage temperature is 37-40 F° but it can go lower than that.

Tuscany weather in December

December in Tuscany can be very cold. Occasionally the temperature drop to 0oC and it is rainy.

In December cities, museums and towns are less crowd than summertime. Moreover if the weather is cold in this month you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, towns and villages dress up for holidays with lights and decorations. Furthermore, don’t miss the Christmas concert in the Cathedral of Siena.

Tuscany weather in January

January is the coldest month in Tuscany. During the day time usually it is sunny and mild, but at night it can be frosty. It is quite common the snow in the mountains that attracts many skiers.

If you are thinking to visit Tuscany during your winter break than the region will give you the opportunity to visit the city and at the same time to enjoy the ski slope.

Tuscany weather in February

The weather in Tuscany in February is similar to January. It could be less cold, but still cold. In winter towns, cities and villages are really quite. It can be a good idea spent a weekend in one of the many thermal baths around the region. All you will need is to relax and enjoy a body massage.

Spring in Tuscany

Spring becomes the perfect time to visit Tuscany, both in the countryside and in the city. In this season the temperature warms up, the rains decrease and the first sunny days arrive, the perfect time to start enjoying the good weather. In spring the countryside blooms and colors explodes, ideal for a tour of Chianti region to discover Tuscan wines and products, or for a walk in nature that offers beautiful landscapes. A holiday in a country villa is a special way to spend your journey in this wonderful land.
Spring is also the best time to explore cities, without the heat and the crowds of summer you will certainly find less row in front of the great museums and churches of Florence or Siena. Taking advantage of the low season is a smart way to plan your holiday in Tuscany.Enjoying these first beautiful days of good weather by observing the most famous works of art in the world is a unique experience.
This season is also ideal for enjoying a trip to discover hidden spots of Tuscany, exploring some of the most evocative and characteristic medieval villages. San Gimignano, Cortona or small monasteries and abbeys immersed in nature and often very close to the city are beautiful destinations for a day trip.

Discovering these places will fascinate you and take you back in time. In spring, specially in March and April, the weather is not so stable, so it’s allways a good idea to take with you an umbrella or a light jacket.

Tuscany weather in March

March in Tuscany has a crazy weather. It is a mix between winter and spring. During this month could be nice take a walk in the amazing countryside, but be careful because the end of the month can be rainy.

The cities are colourful because are decorated with spring flowers.

Tuscany weather in April

April in Tuscany is a lovely spring month. Amazing colours thanks to flower in the field and fruit trees in bloom. Warm weather with longer sunny days are the main characteristics during this month.

Tuscany weather in May

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, then May can be one of the best months. It is not too cold and not too warm. The cities are quite and to visit the monuments or museums you don’t need to wait too much in queue. The weather is quite often sunny and in some days the temperatures are enough high to give you the opportunity to go to the beach.

Autumn in Tuscany

Tuscany in autumn changes colors and prepares for winter. The month of September is perfect, the temperatures are still warm and pleasant while they go down in October and November. For a holiday discovering nature autumn is a fantastic time, the landscapes that can be admired will be full of life and colors. In this season the more conventional and artistic tourism begins to decline and the Tuscan countryside starts offering new experiences, such as wine and food tours that will allow you to taste the authentic Tuscan products. Strolls and explorations immersed in the yellow and red shades of autumn will give you calm and peace while taking a breath from the stress of your daily routine. This season is perfect to slow down and relax. Autumn in Tuscan countryside also means one thing: Harvest. People fills the vineyards for this centuries-old ritual of grape harvesting. Seeing this fantastic tradition in a land of excellence like Chianti will give you unique emotions and suggestions. In the wineries it will then be possible to taste the best wines of previous vintages. enjoying and discovering the product in a new way and understanding the processes behind those fantastic flavours.


The weather in September, as in spring, is really moody and can change rapidly, we suggest to take with you always an umbrella and a light jacket for when the temperature gets down.

Autumn in Tuscany, vineyards

It is always worthwhile to visit a unique land like Tuscany, every season gives different shades and makes your journey a unique experience. All you have to do is choose which season inspires you the most and set off to discover our wonders.

Tuscany weather in September

September is still warm but not too much. During this month in Tuscany you can still enjoy the beaches. Usually the first part of the month is hotter than the second part of it.

Tuscany weather in October

The fall starts to set in during the month of October. The beginning of October is still warm in the morning but at night the temperature is much lower than the morning hours. Usually since the middle of October temperatures are between 10-20oC.

First days of October some rain could be occasional but at the end of the month it can be more persistent and it will be possible wind during the day. In this month the weather is too cold to go to the beach.

Tuscany weather in November

The temperatures in November during the day time are between 10-16oC but at night are lower, 6oC and sometimes less than that.

Usually November is the rainiest month of the year, cold, windy and dry weather. If you are planning to visit Tuscany in this month we suggest you to bring with you warm cloths as well as heavy jackets, jumpers, boots or waterproof footwear.

Instead of the weather, the colours of nature during autumn are breathtakinig.

Average temperatures month bymonth

Temperatures in Tuscany











Weather during a season can change a lot depending on months, and is a good idea to know average temperatures to better prepare you for your fantastic journey. Let’s get a closer look to weather in Tuscany discovering average temperatures month by month.


To se real time forecast for Tuscany we suggest you to watch these links:

Activities in Florence for every season   

After seeing the weather and temperatures in Tuscany it’s time to know how to enjoy your holiday with unique experiences. Now we move to Florence discovering the best activities for each season.

Summer in Florence

Visiting monuments in the morning 

Florence is one of the richest places in art all over the world, but in July and August could be pretty hot to be outside at every hour. Mornings, before noon, is perfect to stroll in the streets of the town and visit museums and churches. Being stranded in a row with the burning sun is not an excellent way to spend your journey. Check the opening time of your favourite monuments and be sure to visit them just open.Visiting Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi and all the other beautiful spots of Florence is much easier and practical in the morning. We recommend you to read this to discover the best monuments in Florence and Tuscany.


Winter in Florence

Piazza Santa Croce Christmas Market 

Whit its cold air winter is perfect for a cozy mug of hot chocolate or a good Tuscan soup for diner. Moreover, winter is holiday season and in Florence the city shines with lights and decorations all over the streets. Every year in Piazza Santa Croce, one of the most famous and beautiful in town, hosts a Chrismas market in the authentic German style. In the characteristic wooden stalls you will find food and craft products and foods from all over Italy and Europe. There are also many local products such as the characteristic Tuscan leather bags.

Walking through this market, feeling the Christmas air in a magnificent place like Florence is an unforgettable experience.


Spring in Florence

Explore the gardens of Florence 

In spring nature awakens and offers wonderful shows. Florence is rich in gardens and green spots and between your visits to museums and churches make sure you also go through one of these fabulous floral views.Giardino di Boboli is certainly one of the most beautiful and special gardens in Florence, here you will find statues and works of the Italian Renaissance immersed in the green flourishing nature. Built by the Medici, this garden represents an encounter between the beauty of nature and that of art. From the fountains and the statues to the amphitheater, inside the Boboli Gardens you will travel to Renaissance Florence.

If you search romantic atmosphere the Rose Garden its for you. In May roses are in full bloom and color the ladscape with incredible shades. Walking in this garden full of roses and their scents, and admiring the breathtaking view of the city from there, will be a show for your eyes The charm of Florence enriched by spring colors is irresistible.

spring in florence


Autumn in Florence

Harvest and wine tours in the land of Chianti

In autumn we can attend a tradition that for centuries takes place in these lands, the grape harvest. In the Chianti region every year in autumn (in particular in the month of October) the harvest of grapes begins, which involves hundreds and hundreds of locals who will participate in the birth of the new wine. Near Florence, it is worth moving out of the city to participate in wine tours that this season often include both vineyard and wineries. In this way you will be able to observe the activity of the harvest, full of history and meanings, to then go to the cellars to discover the best local wines. The art of wine making makes Florence and all the Tuscany famous all over the world and being able to see it up close and participate in it will be a wonderful experience for you.


Florence is a magical place, where art and nature meet together giving life to unique and unforgettable shows. Each season has its peculiarities, making your journey even more unique.


Volognano: the best accomodation for every seasonBBest accomodation in Tuscany - Volognano

If you want to fully enjoy the wonders that Tuscany offers all year round you need the best accommodation.

Volognano is a castle near Florence, only 10 miles away, which thanks to its particular position allows you to explore the city and its beautiful art or, if you prefer, admire the nature of the Tuscan countryside. Every period of the year you will not be disappointed by the beauties that can be observed and reached from Volognano.

Located in Chianti hills, known for the production of superb wines, right here at the castle you can admire the autumn harvest, taste fine wines in its winery and enjoy the flavors of Tuscany with its dishes. There are many features that make this location magical and special.

At the castle of Volognano you can find the best of Tuscany, in every season.


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