top wineries in tuscany

The list of the top wineries in Tuscany region

Tuscany is a land of unique beauty, it evokes the image of extraordinary works of art, breathtaking landscapes and, especially, great wines.

Wine is a piece of Tuscan culture, each area has its own specialty, which has been producing with tradition and pride for centuries. From the famous Chianti area to Montalcino, the home of the Brunello di Montalcino, one of the greatest wines in Tuscany, this land is rich in wineries and vineyard of extraordinary charm.

If you want to have the chance to taste the best wines in your holiday you need to know where to go, and for this we have prepared our definitive list of the best wineries in Tuscany.

Discover with us some of the best wine tours in Tuscany!


Map of the best wineries in Tuscany

Hera the map of the best wineries in Tuscany we have selected for this list. Check it to better orient you in your travel among wines of Tuscany.

map best wineries in tuscany















1 Antinori nel Chianti Classico, Bargino, Tuscany

wineries in tuscany - antinori

In the Chianti region, Antinory’s winery gives its visitor an experience of incomparable beauty making a journey through the taste of the best Tuscan wines.

Visiting Antinori the first thing that hits is certainly its architectural structure, a modern building designed by famous contemporary architets, which wraps harmoniously the winery inside.

The Antinori’s family has been linked to winemaking for 26 generations, six centuries of history and tradition that can be observed in the winery exposition.

Art is an important element, here are exhibited pieces of classical art such as the 1500 ceramics by Giovanni della Robbia, along with contemporary art exhibitions housed inside, creating a path that crosses historical and modern through the art of winemaking.

To visit the winery you need to book one of the four different tours offered, from an introduction to winemaking and Antinori’s products to a Taylor Made experience designed for your tastes and preferences.

On the top of the roof there is the winery’s restaurant, where you can giva a taste of Tuscany admiring beautiful landscapes from its tables.

Antinori is one of the most famous and recognizable names in Tuscan winemaking, visiting them is a unique experience between art, history and wine tasting.



2 Castello di Ama, Siena, Tuscany

In this castle wine has been produced since 1700, in a fascinating historical structure on the top of a hill from which it is possible to admire the expanses of vineyards that produce the wine of this splendid winery. In ancient times the castle was an established wine estate that over the centuries has seen a decline and abandonment by the property of the time.

In the 70s a group of families of the area decided to restore the castle to its former glory and resume the art of winemaking.

This fascinating historical structure hosts inside exhibitions of contemporary art by international artists, creating a path that unites ancient and modern, giving the opportunity to admire and taste the wine of these lands. In the castle there is also a wine shop with kitchen, where it is possible to taste dishes and wines of the best Tuscan tradition.

Visits and tastings need to be booked and the experience can be customized by request.

Visiting Castello di Ama is not just a tour of cellars, barrels of aging and vineyards, but also a historical journey within the ancient castle and its nearby buildings. A symbol of how in Tuscany wine has been linked to its most special places for centuries.



3 Badia di Coltibuono, Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany

best wineries in tuscany

A fascinating structure with an ancient atmosphere, a former monastery now transformed in a wine estate of particular beauty. In Badia di Coltibuono the art of winemaking is cultivated and carry on from six generations, with passion and love in the name of Chianti Classico.

More than a simple winery, Badia di Coltibuono is also an accomodation with its charming rooms and apartments, and to complete the tasting experience there is the restaurant that will bring you the most classic Tuscan cuisine. Badia di Coltibuono gives the opportunity to its guests to join cooking classes, discovering and learning to prepare typical Tuscan dishes, in a kitchen rich in atmosphere and emotions.

The best way to discover all the beauty of this place is visiting and tasting its products, not only wine but also extra virgin olive oil, bruschetta and even more. Badia di Coltibuono offers many different tours for every need, creating unique experiences for its visitors.

Visiting this extraordinary winery is a journey through the history of its structure, of this family that produces excellent wines here and other products of excellence in Tuscany.



4 Capezzana, Carmignano, Tuscany

A property where wine has been produced since ancient times, one of the oldest wineries in Tuscany, where since the 804 a unique and particular wine, the Carmignano, was made until today.

Capezzana represents the history and culture of Tuscan wine from its origins, with particular interest in the sustainability of its crops, respecting the land and products.

Inside the structure you can admire its history and the evolution of the art of winemaking over the centuries, linked to the noble families that have succeeded one another within it for generations.

Capezzana organizes numerous tours, meeting all types of guests, from the most expert to beginners of Tuscan wines.

In this beautiful wine estate there is a farmhouse immersed in the beautiful private village inside the property, where you will find accomodations and restaurant to live a true Tuscan experience in this charming place.



5 Barone Ricasoli, Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany

wineries in tuscany

Almost a thousand years of history in the production of Chianti Classico in this splendid 11th century castle. The building overlooks the hills and allows you to admire a splendid views over the vineyards of the estate. The winery is a mix of ancient and modern, the renovation has preserved the aesthetic of the past, bringing inside the ultimate technologies in winemaking.

Ricasoli’s offers several tours including visits to the castle and the beautiful gardens around it, historical buildings and the wineries where you will taste the wonderful Chianti Classico made here.

In the restaurant Osteria di Brolio you will enjoy tradition and innovation of Tuscan cuisine.

In this estate there is a wonderful accomodation, a restored farmhouse ideal for a charming holiday in the Chianti Classico area.

Barone Ricasoli’s estate is a wonderful meeting of great wines, history and nature.



6 Tenuta Torciano, Ulignano, Tuscany

Tenuta Torciano is more than a simple winery, it is an estate that offers various and special experiences in the heart of Tuscany. From wellness and spas to cuisine and wine tasting.

Near the beautiful medieval village of San Gimignano, Tenuta Torciano from 1720 creates its wines from the vineyards around the estate.

There are many experiences and adventures like excursions in vespa, expeditions in helicopter, truffle hunting and cooking class; here you can taste the cuisine and the wines of this fantastic winery in its most splendid and spectacular rooms and spaces. Tenuta Torciano offers the opportunity to visit the vineyard with lunch or dinner and wine tasting in the winery.

Tenuta Torciano produces a wide variety of wines, like Chianti Classico, Montepulciano and Vernaccia. Visiting this winery and tasting its production is a travel among Tuscany and its wines.

This estate is also perfect for wedding and events, thanks to its vast gardens and halls.

Tenuta Torciano is a wonderful mix of all the Tuscan beauties, wild and wonderful nature, historical buildings, great food and wine to discover and taste.


7 Avignonesi, Montepulciano, Tuscany

best wineries in tuscany This winery is one of a kind, here is produced a special wine according to the biodynamic approach. Organic and natural wines that respect their land and the origins of the winemaking.

Avignonesi is a winery young in history but that takes bravely a new filosophy in its vineyard and wineries.

In Avignonesi’s estate you will have the opportunity to taste its particular wines, discovering all the love for winemaking behind them. Learn about the biodynamic viticulture and how it lives in harmony with nature, discover the magic of its products.

One of the most special experiences offered by this estate is the tasting in the sky, a trip in a hot-air balloon flying over the lands of the vineyard and the hills of Montepulciano, and once back on the ground will welcome you with a brunch and then tasting with private tour of the winery.

If you want to enjoy a complete experience of taste, Avignonesi is the perfect location for a private dinner, its wineries and vineyards will be backgrounds of extraordinary beauty for you and your guests.



8 Frescobaldi, Nipozzano, Tuscany

Frescobaldi is one of the most influent families in the history of Florence, since the Renaissment.

Deeply linked to the roots of this land, Frescobaldi family carry on 700 years of winemaking in the heart of Chianti Classico.

This family produces wines in its estates scattered throughout Tuscany, Gaiole in Chianti, Montepulciano and Nipozzano are only a few of the lands where Frescobaldi make their wines.

We chose to present you the most historical and charming of this estate, the Castle of Nipozzano.

In this castle dated 1000 an imposing medieval building meets inside the Renaissence history of the family, with furnitures and decorations that brings you back in time in the beauty of the noble Florence.

The estate offers tours that will make you taste the great variety of its wines and the most typical Tuscan cuisine visiting a charming and suggesting place such as Nipozzano Castle.

The vision of winemaking for this family is to respect and cultivate Tuscan diversity, in each estate is produced a different wine, exalting the diversity of its territory and promoting the art of winemaking at its best.

Visiting this estate is a unique experience, where history and wine meet together.


9 Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino, Tuscany

A small village that contains within itself a wine estate with a unique charm. Located in the Val d’Orcia, Castiglion del Bosco is surrounded by hills that produces one of the finest and most famous wines in Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino. An history of winemaking that has lasted since 1100 and continues to cultivate and produce with passion.

Castiglion del Bosco is also great hospitality, inside the estate there are eleven beautiful luxury villas created from restored 17th and 18th century farmhouses, here you will find a loving accomodation for a wine holiday in this wonderful lands.

The estate offers several tours and experiences for visiting the winery. The firs visit is a classic wine tasting to the discovery of Brunello di Montalcino in the evocative setting of the cellars.

Moreover, the estate offers experiences like tastings with visits to the vineyards from which to enjoy the splendid panorama or a helicopter flight in the hills to admire the vast territory.

In respect to the land in the vineyards grows only San Giovese and the production is inspired by the classic wines of Montalcino, the Brunello di Montalcino and the Rosso di Montalcino.

Castiglion del Bosco is one of the many expressions of how in Tuscany winemaking tradition is closely linked to its territory.



10 Grimaldi Savelli, Capo d’Uomo, Tuscany

wineries in tuscany

A special estate, overlooking the sea with its 100 acres of vineyards and olive groves in the wonderful coast of Tuscany. The landscape that you will admire in this winery is certainly not the usual hilly Tuscan countryside, indeed the estate faces the Tuscan bay giving wonderful views.

This beautiful estate is also a charming accomodation with different kind of holiday rentals, from cottages to luxurious villas.

The particularity of this land reflects on the wine produced, the winery’s most famous wine is the Passito (straw wine), different from the classic Tuscan wines like Chianti and Brunello, this variety is made with dried grapes, giving more density of the juice that results in a wine with golden shades of color and a strong bouquet with hits of fruit.

The winery is open for tours and visiting, giving you the opportunity to taste all the variety of wine produced in this beautiful vineyards mersed in the sea air.



11 Il Borro, Loro Ciuffenna, Tuscany

Il Borro is certainly a unique winery where wine, art and fashion meet to create a unique place. Belonging to the Ferragamo family, the famous Italian fashion brand, the estate with its magnificent buildings enhances its historical beauty, with its suites with antique charm that can be rented for a holiday, its restaurants and event locations and in particular the production of wine.

The estate offers tasting tours to discover the flavors of Tuscany through various types of experiences, such as cooking classes, wine tasting tours in the cellars and truffle hunting in the grounds of the property.

An experience definitely not to be missed is the vinoterapy spa, an experiential journey of tasting and relaxing among the pools and saunas of the wellness center inside the estate.

Great space is also given to art, in fact there are particular paths where it will be possible to taste the wine of the cellars surrounded by the works of the Ferragamo family’s private collection, all works strictly with a wine theme.

Visiting the Il Borro estate is a unique experience that embraces taste, art and well-being.



12 Il Palagio, Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Tuscany

In the hilly countryside south of Florence there is a fascinating seventeenth-century estate that stands out among the Chianti vineyards. The property and its cellars are famous for being owned by the popular singer Sting, as well as for being his personal residence.

Within the estate there are five apartments where it will be possible to spend the night and discover this magnificent area more closely. Guesthouses and magnificent spaces of the estate make it the ideal place for luxurious events and ceremonies with a unique charm.

Il Palagio offers its guests unique experiential itineraries such as yoga and meditation in the Tuscan hills or horseback riding through the grounds of the estate.

The lands of Il Palagio are cultivated with passion and here wines are produced in respect of the classic Tuscan tradition but not only, also honey and olive oil.

This magnificent estate is a symbol of how Tuscany with its uncontaminated nature and its precious products can make those who visit it fall in love with this land.



13 Tenuta Bossi, Pontassieve, Tuscany

best wineries in tuscany

This magnificent estate immersed in the Chianti Rufina area has belonged to the noble Florentine Gondi family since the 1600s. Here in this land have been cultivated for over three hundred years the vineyards from which the fine wines of this estate are still produced.

The production varies from Chianti Rufina, characteristic of this area, to Rosso Colli up to the typical Tuscan Vin Santo.

Tenuta Bossi offers tours that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its history and in the products of its fantastic territory, tasting the company’s wines in the fascinating scenery of its historic cellars.

Inside the estate there are seven farmhouses accommodation where it will be possible to stay and discover the history and charm of this company.

Tasting the wines of this estate will be an experience to the discovery of one of the most historic families in Florence and its charming villa.



14 Grignano, Pontassieve, Tuscany

A 15th century villa surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, here in Grignano the beauty and history of Tuscan winemaking is preserved in its land and buildings.

Among its villas and farms it’s possible to admire not only places of unique charm but also vast lands that offer unique panoramas.

The wine production of the estate is dedicated mostly to the Chianti Rufina, representing culture and tradition of winemaking linked to its territory. From the lands of the estate is also produced a precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained through organic farming and served to accompany the wines during the tastings in the cellars.

The estate offers three types of tasting tours, meeting every taste and need, from the classic tasting of four wines to a more complete tasting of the best bottles of Grignano up to a tour of the vineyard with tasting and private dinner in the splendid halls of the property.



15 Volognano, Rignano sull’Arno, Tuscany

top wineries in tuscany - volognano

Volognano is a castle from the 1100s near Florence, immersed in hectares of vineyards and olive groves where you can breathe the art and passion for winemaking. In the Chianti Colli Fiorentini lands this splendid estate embraces all the taste of Tuscany. In fact in its cellars and kitchens it will be possible to taste the true flavors of Tuscany, enhancing its culinary tradition but innovating it and bringing it to the present day, but always respecting the tradition.

Volognano offers tasting tours designed to let its guests discover the fine wines of the estate through unique sensory experiences. Not a simple taste but a new and special journey among the flavors of Tuscany.

The products of this winery are a journey among the great excellences of Tuscany, from Chianti to Vin Santo passing through Bianchi di Toscana and Grappe.

In addition to great wines Castello di Volognano is also a splendid holiday accommodation, it’s possible to book the castle and stay there to fully experience the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Being close to Florence it is also an excellent base from which to explore the beauties of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.



Tuscany is a land of wine, this wonderful products has influenced its culture, its history and the everyday life of the locals that everyday admire the beauty of the vineyards that color the lendscape around them. Visiting and tasting this world of tradition and love will be an unforgettable experience among the roots of Tuscany.



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