Top 5 wine tasting tours in Tuscany

The list of the top tasting tours in Tuscany region

If you love wine and you want to travel among beautiful landscapes in the countryside, Tuscany is the place for you. Tuscany is famous all over the world for its fine wines like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vinsanto and moreover, each area has its specialty and produces it with passion for centuries.

In Tuscany you will feel wine in a new way, you will immerse yourself in its countryside and in the beautiful landscapes that surround it, you will venture into castles medieval villages, ancients farmhouses and estates living a unique experience among the best wineries that preserve all the taste of this land.

In Tuscany the excellent wineries are many and to not miss anything the best way to taste the best wines is to take a tour of these magnificent places, starting from the city they will take you to these unique places giving you the chance to taste their wines.

To help you in the discovery of the fantastic world of wine in Tuscany we have prepared our list of the top tasting tours in Tuscany region, a journey from Florence and Siena to the best wine estates of the countryside.


Wine Tour from Florence

best tasting tours in tuscany

This tours takes you in one of the most beautiful and charming area of Tuscany, Chianti, in a wine tasting tour from Florence that takes you away from the chaos of the city to discover the best wines of the splendid Tuscan countryside.

On this afternoon trip you will visit the medieval villages of Greve and Castellina, enchanting places where to get lost in their ancient alleys and churches. Here the wine culture is everywhere, in bars and restaurants, in the streets and even in museums, indeed in Greve there is the Wine Museum, where you can discover the history and tradition of wine in Tuscany, admiring its ancient instruments and learning the secrets of winemaking.

Among this Chianti tour you will visit two different wineries and taste up to 10 wines produced here, hearing the stories of their magical vineyards and the process that leads to these fantastic wines.

At the end of the tour you will visit Castellina, a medieval village famous for its the archeological sites, here you will find medieval fortress and Etruscan ruins that will bring you back in time.

This tour will pick you up from the center of Florence to take you in the wonderful countryside of Chianti, with expanses of vineards and olive groves that surrounds wonderful and ancients estates.

Here you can visit wineries and cellars tasting their wines with some local products, with an expert tour guide that will explain you the fantastic art of winemaking and the products you are tasting.

This tour is perfect for a relaxing afteroon far from the city, tasting fine wines and discovering incredible places.


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Wine Tour in Siena

best tasting tours near siena

In this tour you will taste some of the best wines in Tuscany in a place of unique charm, Castello di Ama, a castle of 1300 near Siena that produces its wines respecting its land and the tradition of winemaking in this area. The castle is nestled in hills of vineyard and from there you can admire breathtaking views of the tuscan countryside.

Back in 1700 the castle was famous in this area as wine estate, that during the time has been abandoned by its previous propriety. In the 70s a group of families of the area restored the castle to its former glory bringing back the art of winemaking in the cellars and wineries of this charming castle nestled in the Tuscan countryside.

In this castle you will discover wine in a new and special way. The castle and its magnificent cellars are the backdrop for exhibitions and installations of modern art, involving international artists who decide to exhibit their works in this very special location. The result is a path that mixes art and wine, history and modernity together, giving a unique background to the wine tasting tour you will be doing in the castle.

This estate in the heart of Chianti Classico wants to teach and preserve the art of winemaking and hand down it to the next generations giving the chance to discover this world in a new way.

The visit to Castello di Ama takes to all the historical buildings of this estate, the village of Ama and its chapel, the villas in it and their beautiful gardens. Then you will admire the winery, ageing cellar and vinification plant, tasting and learning the secrets of the wines in this castle.

A wine tasting tour in Castello di Ama is an experience that involves art, history and wine, discovering Tuscany in a new way.

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Wine Tour in Chianti

An unexpected and unique location for one of the most famous wineries of the Chianti Classico, that of the Marchesi Antinori. Antinori’s makes wine from 26 generation, carrying on tradition and love for this land and its products.

Inside an architectural structure with a modern and innovative design, the whole history of this family is preserved. Through barrels, ceramics and presses it will be possible to read the history of winemaking and how it has evolved until today. Art is an important part of this winery and it will accompany you in this journey. In the winery are exhibited works of classic and modern art, such as ceramics of 1500 along with contemporary exhibitions that creates the background for this unique experience.

Follow the passion of this family for wine and discover the history behind their bottles. Visiting Antinori’s winery you can discover its most suggestive places, such as Bottaia and Barricaia Tour, walking through spaces of unique beauty and understanding the love for winemaking that follows this family from centuries.

The winery proposes tasting tours suitable for each guest, opening the doors of its most characteristic rooms and taking you inside the history of the family and the philosophy of their secular art of winemaking. After the visit and the tastings you can take with you these wonderful wines buying them at the enoteca, a wine shop where you will find all the best Antinori’s wines and local products produced in the Tuscan estates of the family.

This fantastic building dedicated to wine is enriched with a restaurant at the top of the winery, where you can taste the traditional Tuscan dishes and from which you can admire the splendid panorama of the Chianti hills.

The Antinori winery tasting tours are the perfect place to learn about curiosities and secrets of winemaking through a passion that lasts for centuries.

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best tasting tours in chianti 


 Wine tour in Montepulciano

photo: salcheto.itOn the beautiful hills near Siena, Salcheto produces wines with a philosophy of eco-sustainability, in respect of nature and territory in which it is produced.

This estate near Montepulciano has made innovation its strong point, a young company that believes a lot in its way of producing. During the visit to the winery you will discover all the work and the technics behind its bottles, learning more about sustainability and territory.

Salcheto is deeply involved in being responsible of this products and their impact on the environment, indeed in 2011 Salcheto is the first wine company in the world that calculated and certified the carbon footprint of each bottle produced here.

Relax admiring the beautiful view of the countryside and taste the wines of this modern estate meeting the new generation of winemaker in Tuscany and finding a new way to produce. If you are interested in sustainability and environment, this is the place for you.

In the tasting tour the wines are accompanied with local food, all produced here in the estate, and in the restaurant you can taste more of their genuine products enjoying the dishes from typical Tuscan cuisine and more, all prepared with local products of the estate and the nearbies lands, like cheese, meat and oil. Then in the enoteca inside the estate you will find on sale all the best wines produced by Salcheto.

Visiting Salcheto with its tasting tour is the best way to discover a new horizont for wine and food in Tuscany, respecting and loving the territory that you will admire from there.


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best tasting tours near pisa


Wine Tour in Pisa

The winery of Poggio al Casone overlooks the Tyrrenian coast from a castle nestled in the hills of Pisa countryside. In this magnificient historical building you will find all the beauties of winemaking in Tuscany, easily reachable from Pisa and Siena. Walking between the vineyard rows you can watch all the process, from grapes to the bottle.

In this estate vineyard are growth in respect for the territory, with organic methods and in the most natural way possible. This production, respectful and in symbiosis with the field, leads to a more genuine and natural wine, capable to enhance the quality of the territory.

This area is near the sea and its position, different from the more central Chianti area, reflects on the taste and the variety of the wines here produced. From its vineyard you will enjoy beautiful views that embraces all tuscan landscapes, from the hilly countryside to the coast.

This winery is a meeting between ancient and modern, in the newest cellar you will learn the modern methods of winemaking and the actual technics and processes used by the estate, the older cellar has been preserved and restored to a place where you can admire all the history and passion of this estate for winemaking. Now the oldest cellars are the beautiful setting for tastings and tours, where guests can finally enjoy all the flavors of these wines.

These tours and visits are available from march to november and booking is required. Depending on the season of the visit you will admire the different phases and the work behind each bottle produced here.

Poggio al Casalone is a wonderful estate, perfect to discover the wines of the tuscan coastal area. Here you will find that winemaking is everywhere in Tuscany and each area has its particularities worth visiting.


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Volognano: the best accommodation for an amazing wine tour experience 

best accomodation wine holiday in tuscany

If you are looking for a wine holiday in Chianti, one of the most wonderful areas of Tuscany, you need the right accomodation where to start your journey among the best wine tours in Tuscany.

Volognano is a castle of the 1100 near Florence, immersed in vineyards and olive groves giving you the opportunity to stay in an accommodation engaged in the wonderful art of winemaking.

The castle makes its own wine from the lands around the estate and the production includes IGT Chianti Colli Fiorentini, grappa, Vin Santo and Extra Virgin Oil. A complete journey among the excellent products of Tuscany, that you can taste and enjoy in this wonderful castle.

The vineyards that surround the castle and the winery inside it makes this estate perfect to truly discover and understand Tuscan wines. Staying in Volognano you can have your tailored tasting tour, living an amazing wine tour experience with the best wines of the estate and unforgettable dishes preparred by the chef of the castle

In Volognano you can taste wines and local products, know how to perfectly pair wines and food and learn to cook the best tuscan recipes at the cooking classes making a dive into this fantastic land and its flavors.

Moreover, the castle is a charming accommodation for your holidays in Tuscany. Relax swimming into the pool surrounded by lemon trees, stroll in the Italian garden around the castle or simply stay in one of its rooms finely furnished with antiques decors.


In Volognano you have the opportunity to feel and live a wine estate as if it were yours, living your best Tuscan holiday in a wonderful castle in Chianti.



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