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Tuscany travel Guide: why to visit the pearl of Italy

If you ever wondered why to visit Tuscany, well, we can answer to your question. Tuscany is a land full of beauties, from the pearl blue sea of the coast to the most wild countryside, from small medieval villages lost in the nature to the world-famous cities of art such as Florence, Siena and Pisa.

There is a lively mix of moods, atmospheres and different destinations where you will find for sure your new place of the heart in a holiday in Tuscany.


Follow us on this journey among the best travel tours in Tuscany to discover this wonderful place, unique on the earth.


Top 3 travel tours from Florence      

Best travel tours from Florence - Tuscany


1 The Best of Tuscany from Florence

Visit some of the most iconic place in Tuscany departing from Florence. This tour will take you to Siena visiting its wonderful Piazza del Campo and the Duomo.

After visiting Siena for lunch you will reach a real Tuscan wine estate in the Chianti area, here you can take a wine tasting, discovering its fantastic wines accompanied to delicious products of the region.

In the afternoon you will reach the beautiful medieval village of San Gimignano, where you will be free to explore the historic center of the town with a gelato.

Before returning in Florence the tour will head to Pisa and the iconic Leaning Tower.

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2 Sightseeing Tour from Florence

This tour has three of the best things Tuscany has to offer; delicious food, wonderful vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

A full immersion in the beauty and the tastes of Chianti. This tour includes a wine tasting of the most Typical Chianti’s wines and local food, learn with an expert guide all the secrets of winemaking and discovery the cellars and the vineyards that make Chianti’s estates so unique.

For the afternoon you will escape from the chaos of the city and breathe fresh air in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

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3 Walking Tour with visit to David & Uffizi Gallery

This walking tour will make you discover some of the most iconic works of art that Florence keeps inside.

Save your time and skip the long rows to enter to Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.

These two places preserves the most beautiful works of the Italian Renaissance such as Michelangelo’s David, preserved in the Accademia Gallery, and all the paintings by Caravaggio, Leonardo and Botticelli that you can admire walking through Uffizzi Gallery.

This tour will lead you to Florence historic center and its marvellous galleries, while an expert guide teaches you all the stories behind this fantastic works of art and their great artist.

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Top 3 travel tours from Siena

Best travel tours from Siena - tuscany


1 Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Tuscany

Admire Tuscany from a different point of view, seeing from a Hot Air balloon flight the best landscapes that this land has to gift you.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of Chianti hills, flying over ancient villages, rustic villas nestled in the countryside and wonderful vineyards and olive groves.

This tour takes you from Siena to a 1-hour flight over Tuscany, and upon landing you can enjoy a glass of wine, celebrating this wonderful experience.

Admire all the beauty of Tuscany from a different point of view with this magical air-tour.

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2 San Gimignano and Volterra Day Trip

Discover the medieval beauty of Tuscany on a tour from Siena to the wonderful villages of San Gimignano and Volterra.

Leaving from Siena, you will explore San Gimignano, famous for its medieval towers and the city wall that surrounds the village.

Enjoy a typical lunch in a local farm and then reach Volterra, a beautiful village renowned for the extraction and processing of alabaster, that you can admire in a dedicated workshop as part of this tour. After visiting Volterra the tour ends returning to Siena city center.

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore and discover all the charm and the history of Tuscany.

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3 Chianti and Castle Tour

Discover the wine region of Chianti and all its magic atmosphere with this afternoon tour from Siena.

On this tour you will visit two beautiful local estates, where tasting wines and oils you can discover all the flavours of the Tuscan countryside. Here you will learn about the art of winemaking in Chianti, discovering all the love that locals have for their products.

After visiting the estates the tour leads to the medieval village of Monteriggioni, where you have free time to take a walk and explore its historic alleys.

Explore all the beauty of Chianti with this tour.

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Top 3 travel tours from Pisa

Best travel tours from Pisa - tuscany


1 Full-Day San Gimignano, Siena & Chianti Tour from Pisa

Enjoy a tour of Tuscan cities and villages in this day-trip from Pisa. The first leg of this tour is a visit to San Gimignano and its beautiful medieval towers, exploring all the beauty of this village. Then you will have a lunch with typical Tuscan dishes accompanied with the wines of the area.

After tasting the delights of Tuscany the tour leads to the beautiful Siena for a tour in the historical city center visiting Piazza del Campo and Duomo.

The tour ends with a visit to the medieval fortress of Monteriggioni and then you return to Pisa.

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2 Tuscan Hills Wine Tasting

Make an half-day trip in the countryside exploring the hills of Chianti and their wonderful products. From the center of Pisa this tour leads to Chianti for a visit to local farmhouses and estates where you will learn more about this land and winemaking process.

After hearing all the story behind these products you can taste them in the winery of the estate relaxing in this wonderful postcard scenario.

This tour is perfect to spend an afternoon discovering the true essence of Tuscany.

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3 Pisa and Leaning Tower Family Tour

Tuscany is full of beautiful places and buildings to admire and you want the most from your visit in this magic land. This tour is the perfect one day-trip to Pisa, for families or simply for those who want to avoid stress and long lines in front of the monuments.

Skip the line to visit the iconic Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the Duomo in the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli. Learn all the history behind these monuments with an expert guide that will lead you inside the wonder of Pisa.

Have the best from your visit to Pisa, avoiding stress and waitings.

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Top 3 travel tours from Livorno        

best travel tours from livorno tuscany

1 Shore Excursion to Florence And Pisa

Leave from the beautiful sea town of Livorno and make a tour full of art in the heart of Tuscany, to Florence and Pisa.

A bus will first take you to Florence to discover the squares and the buildings that make this city famous in all the world. Visit the Duomo and admire Michelangelo’s David inside the Accademia Gallery. Your Florentine trip ends with a tasting of wines and local products.

After this magical visit to Florence the tour leads to Pisa, where you can admire one of the most iconic monuments in the world, the famous Leaning Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli.

This tour makes you cross Tuscany discovering all its art.

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2 Excursion from Livorno to Volterra and San Gimignano

This tour from Livorno makes you discover all the medieval charm of Tuscany in one day.

Leaving from the coast you will reach two of the most fascinating villages in Tuscany, famous for their history and the ancient atmosphere preserved here. The travel itself is a wonder, driving through the coast end entering the countryside with its landscapes and beautiful villages immersed in the nature.

After visiting San Gimignano and its towers the tour heads to Volterra, renowned for its medieval fortress and the Etruscan rests preserved here.

With this tour you will fall in love with the historical beauties of Tuscany and its enchanting villages.

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3 Chianti Classico Tour with Lunch from Livorno

Discover all the flavours of Tuscany with this tour from Livorno to the hills of Chianti.

In this day-trip you will discover Chianti area and its delicious products, tasting and learning about the process behind Chianti wine in a local estate visiting its cellars.

Chianti is full of wonderful wineries  and visiting one of them is a magic experience.

A light lunch of typical Tuscan products accompanies the wine tasting of local wines produced here.

This tour makes you discover all the authentic flavours of Tuscany in a wonderful day-trip in Chianti.

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Top 3 travel tours from Lucca

travel tours from lucca


1 Siena and San Gimignano full day from Lucca

Take a day to discover two of the most historical cities in Tuscany, in a tour from Lucca to the medieval charm of Siena and San Gimignano.

Visit San Gimignano and its medieval towers making a walk in the alleys of this beautiful village immersed in history. Go to Siena to admire its wonderful Cathedral and all the decorations inside of it that makes the “Duomo” famous in all Italy for its beauty.

Then for lunch make a trip to Chianti Classico, discovering this magical land and its products, tasting wines and oils in a local winery. This Tuscan lunch will make you enjoy all the Flavours of Tuscany.

This tour is perfect to leave Lucca for a day and discover the heart of Tuscany.

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2 Lucca Bike and Wine

Take a bike, a good day of sun and the magic of the Tuscan countryside, this tour will make you explore Tuscany in a new way.

This tour provides you all you need for this perfect trip, a high-quality bike, an expert guide and a route to follow exploring the countryside of Lucca.

Ride your bike to several beautiful wine estates that you meet on your route, taste local products and enjoy all the postcard landscapes that you can admire from your bike.

Explore Lucca and Tuscany in a different way with this bike tour from Lucca.

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3 Lucca Walking Tour

Tuscany is a land full of surprises and often you need a closer look to admire all the beautiful things here, making you sure to not miss anything.

This walking tour in Lucca let you discover the town and its most important and interesting buildings, such as Torre Giunigi, the Cathedral and the main square, followed by an expert guide that will make you learn more about this little jewel of Tuscany.

Walk along these streets, that preserve all their antique atmosphere with buildings and towers that will bring you back in the time.

This tour is perfect to give the most from your visit in Lucca, admiring all the beauty that this town has to gift you.

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Top 3 travel tours from Arezzo  

   best travel tours from arezzo tuscany

1 Tuscan Tour from Arezzo

This tour will take you into a full Tuscan experience leaving from Arezzo. Visit castles, farmhouses and churches nestled in the countryside of Arezzo, discovering from inside this beautiful land.

Food, wines and history immersed in the wonderful landscapes of the countryside. On this tour you can visit beautiful estates tasting their local products during a typical Tuscan lunch.

All tours are customized depending on seasons, products and places to visit, letting you discover Tuscany in the best way you can.

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2 Arezzo Walking Tour

Also visiting a little town as Arezzo needs some organization, and this tour makes you explore the town in all its beauties with a walking tour in Arezzo among its most interesting monuments.

On this tour an expert guide will tell you all about the history of this town and the masterpieces of art preserved here walking in the center and visiting churches and monuments that have little to envy to the most famous places of Tuscany.

This tour is perfect for an afternoon discovering Arezzo and its beauties learning all about its history.

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3 Full Day Siena Tour from Arezzo

Leave Arezzo for a full day trip to Siena, admiring all the medieval charm of this town.

This tour will take you from Arezzo to the wonderful Siena, visiting Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, that preserves inside treasures of medieval and Renaissance art.

After your visit to Siena the tour will lead to San Gimignano, where you have free time to explore the city and chose where to lunch among restaurants and typical taverns. Stroll in the alleys of this wonderful medieval village eating a gelato and discover a place where seems that time has stopped in the medieval age.

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Top 3 travel tours from Grosseto

best travel tours from grosseto

1 Giglio & Giannutri Islands Mini Cruise

Grosseto has some of the most wonderful seas of Tuscany, and in this tour you will explore two islands of unique charm near Grosseto. Leave from Porto Santo Stefano on a mini cruise that will take you to two pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio and Giannutri islands.

In this paradise surrounded by blue sea and the wild nature of the near coast you will discover a different and less note side of Tuscany.

Cruising among this wonderful scenario you can take a light lunch on board, enjoying all the flavors of this corner of Tuscany.

This tour in the Tuscan Archipelago is perfect to discover a new part of Tuscany on its breathtaking coast.

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2 Bike sunset tour

On this tour you will discover the beautiful coast of Tuscany riding a e-bike through a route that will make you admire wonderful landscapes.

Leave at late afternoon for a bike trip on natural paths that offers you all the wild nature of the Tyrrenian sea from the Tuscan coast :you will bring home fabulous photos of the view framed by the vegetation of this unique place.

This tour near Grosseto is perfect for those who wants to view Tuscany and its coast at the best hour of the day, taking pictures of unforgettable views.

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3 Grosseto walking tour

Grosseto has wonderful coasts and beaches, but the town itself is a treasure of art and history that you can’t miss on you holiday in the Tuscan coast.

This walking tour in Grosseto leads to its beautiful historic center, where an expert guide will introduce you to the story of the town and all the monuments you will visit on this trip.

In Grosseto there are interesting religious monuments such as its Cathedral and the S. Francis Church. Entering the Church and its cloister you will admire the walls of the town, built at the time of Medici’s to protect the town from enemies.

This tour is perfect to spend a morning learning more about Grosseto and its wonderful history.

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Top 3 travel tours from Massa Carrara  

best travel tours from massa carrara   

1 Carrara Marble Tour

Carrara is famous in all the world for its shining withe marble used for the most fantastic statues, buildings and works of art of Italian Renaissment.

Admire the marble caves and learn more about this unique material. At the museum an expert guide will show you what makes so special this marble and all the works of art born from here.

In the caves and the museum you can also enjoy some artistic workshop whit Carrara marble.

This tour is perfect to discover the roots of the most impressive and famous works of art that makes Tuscany famous in all the world.

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2 Massa and Carrara Marble tour

Massa and Carrara are two different cities, near and bonded by their territory. Carrara preserves a Medieval charm and is known for its beautiful marble. Massa has a more Renaissance history due to the government of Malaspina family in 16th century.

After a visit of these two cities and their main monuments the tour will lead to their impressive marble caves driving through dirt paths while an expert guide will explain you the techniques for the extraction and the processing of the white gold of this territory.

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3 Trekking in Versilia

Discover the other side of the Tuscan coast, exploring the wild nature hidden here.

That’s the perfect tour for hiker and nature lovers, walking in the Apuan Alps and enjoying the beautiful landscapes you can admire from here.

Get in touch with the uncontaminated nature of Tuscany on this itinerary of 3 hours immersed in the countryside. At the middle of the trip reach a delightful osteria built on the river shore and have a typical lunch with delicious local products.

This tour is the perfect way to live the nature of Tuscany in its wilder and less known spots.

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Top 3 travel tours from Pistoia

1 Siena and Chianti Countryside Tour from Pistoia

This tour from Pistoia takes you in the heart of Tuscany, discovering the beauties of Siena and the near Chianti countryside. First leg of this tour is the enchanting village of San Gimignano, famous for its towers and medieval architectures.

After visiting San Gimignano the tour leads to Chianti countryside ant its beautiful vineyards. Here you will reach a local winery, where you can taste in a light lunch Vernaccia, Chianti Classico and olive oil produced in the estate.

The last stop of this tour will be the wonderful Siena and its monuments. Walk in Piazza del Campo and visit the Duomo with an expert guide that will tell you all the history and the charm of this town.

This tour from Pistoia will make you fall in love with Siena and the Tuscan countryside.

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2 Florence tour from Pistoia

A marvellous tour will take you from Pistoia to Florence, the pearl of Tuscany.

Fall in love with the city walking in Piazza della Signoria with an expert guide that will tell you all its fascinating history.

Visit the Uffizi Gallery, the artistic heart of Florence, a wonderful museum where the Renaissance art of Florence takes life in some of the most iconic works of art preserved here by Botticelli, Leonardo, Caravaggio and moreover.

This tour is perfect to leave Pistoia for an afternoon discovering Florence and its art.

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3 Ultralight Flight Tour from Pistoia

This tour is one of a kind. An adventurous experience that takes you from Pistoia to the sky over the Tuscan countryside.

Discover Tuscany by the sky flying for thirty minutes over the Chianti area with a professional pilot and let you carry by the wonder of this place.

Passing over abbeys, farmhouses and natural reserves you will have a unique experience in this tour from Pistoia to Chianti.

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An enchanting accommodation for your unforgettable Tuscan tour

Best accomodation in TuscanyTuscany is a unique land, where you can travel from sea to mountains, from the countryside to the most beautiful cities of art in the world. If you want to take the best from your tour in Tuscany is important to have the right accommodation.

Volognano is a wonderful Castle near Florence, immersed in acres of vineyards and olive groves.

Here in Volognano you have all the charm of the Tuscan countryside staying near to the beauties of Florence and its fabulous buildings and works of art. Discover the heart of Chianti and it’s products and leave for you magical tour among all the wonderful destinations that Tuscany has to offer.

In the castle you will find the perfect accommodation for your holiday in Tuscany, near the city and far from the crowd, enjoying only the best from this magical land.



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