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How far is Tuscany from Florence

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany region and one of the most enchanting cities in Italy, famous all over the world for the works of art preserved in its Museums and Churches.

Visit Florence is a wonderful experience to live in your holiday, and after Florence you cannot miss to visit the other beautiful places in Tuscany, making a journey between lush countryside with wineries and castles, the blue pearl sea of the coast and all the works of art you can admire everywhere in this magical region.

From Siena and its art beauties to small medieval villages nestled in the countryside, from the wine lands of Chianti to the wild nature of Versilian coast, here in Tuscany you will find your new place to love.

Follow us on a journey from Florence exploring Tuscany and its most enchanting places.


Florence to other Tuscany cities: distances     

After visiting Florence and its beauty is a good idea to continue discovering other wonderful places in Tuscany.

Plan your Tuscany tour discovering how to move and how far are the other cities in Tuscany from Florence.


Distances from Florence:

Siena: 47,5 mi /76,4 km

Pisa: 53 mi /85,6 km

Lucca: 48,7 mi /78,5 km

Chianti: 18 mi /30 km

-San Gimignano: 37 mi /59,8 km

Montepulciano: 70 mi /113 km

Versilia: 60 mi /98 km

Florence is in the center of Tuscany, from here is easy to reach the near Chianti countryside and the other internal cities such as Siena and Lucca, also the coast is not too far and in a few hours of travel you can enjoy the wonderful Tuscan sea.

Now that you know how far from Florence are some of the most beautiful destinations, well, its time to pack and leave for your next adventure.

Plan your amazing journey discovering how to move from Florence by train, bus or car and live to the full this tour of Tuscany.



From Florence to Siena

From Florence to Siena

Siena is a place where medieval charm and Renaissance art meets together giving life to a magical atmosphere.

Best monuments to visit in Siena are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Palazzo Pubblico, in the main square of the city, Piazza del Campo.


From Florence to Siena by train:

You can reach Siena by regional Trenitalia trains departing from Florence central station S.M. Novella.

Trains departs often, almost every 20/30 minutes, and the average time of travel is 1h 30 min. The train stops a few times during the journey.


From Florence to Siena by bus:

Train is not your only option to reach Siena, you can also take a Bus that from Florence city center brings you to Siena. This bus makes several stops in its route, driving among the villages of the countryside and arriving with an average time of 1h 15min.


From Florence to Siena by car:

If you are driving your car, or a rental one, during this amazing journey in Tuscany you can drive from Florence to Siena.

The fastest way to go is by “Raccordo Autostradale Firenze-Siena”, where the average travel time is between 1h 10min and 1h 40min.



From Florence to Pisa

From Florence to Pisa

In Pisa you can find a square that is a concentrate of beautiful monuments, it’s Piazza dei Miracoli.

In this square you can find one of the most recognizable monuments in all the world, the famous Leaning Tower. Moreover there are two wonderful buildings in Piazza dei Miracoli, the Cathedral of Pisa and the Baptistery.


From Florence to Pisa by train:

You can reach Pisa and all its fantastic monuments with a regional train from Firenze S.M. Novella, the central station of Florence.

A train departs for Pisa every 10/20 minutes and the average travel time is 1 hour making a few stops during its journey.


From Florence to Pisa by bus:

Leaving Florence to reach Pisa with buses requires a little more time than with trains but is a smart way to travel, also by night.

Everyday several private companies connect with their buses Florence and Pisa departing from central station and from other points of the city.

The average travel time is 1 hour, but depending on the route could be even less.


From Florence to Pisa by car:

If you have the opportunity to drive during your holiday you can easily go to Pisa with your car driving among the wonderful Tuscan countryside.

From Florence you can take the A11 Highway or the “Firenze-Pisa-Livorno” and with a travel time between 1h 10min and 1h and 50min you can admire the Leaning Tower and all the other beauties in Pisa.



From Florence to Lucca

from florence to lucca

Lucca has a unique atmosphere, all the medieval buildings and wonderful towers preserves here their antique charm. Here you can visit the beautiful historic  center of Lucca and Torre Guinigi, a tower built in 1300 with an hanging garden with holms and flowers on its roof where you can admire the town from above.


From Florence to Lucca by train:

Leave Florence and all the tourists that crowds its beauties here and reach Lucca, a small town rich in history where you can get lost in its charming center.

Several regional trains every day leave from Florence S.M. Novella and reach Lucca. Depending on the route and the stops of the train the travel time could be 1h 20min or 1h 45min.


From Florence to Lucca by bus:

Buses could be better if you have many luggage and to reach Lucca from Florence you have several buses combination for your journey.

The easiest way is to take a city bus from Florence’s central station that stops at Magellano Caciolle, a bus station slightly away from the city center. Then you can take a bus that will bring you directly to Lucca.

The travel time of this route is about 1h 25min, but you can find other buses combinations with different times.


From Florence to Lucca by car:

If you have a car with you, driving to Lucca is really easy. From Florence you can take the A11 Highway arriving in Lucca with a travel time about 1h 15min, depending on traffic.



From Florence to Chianti

Chianti is a beautiful countryside area of Tuscany that strecthes from Florence to Siena and Arezzo. A really vast area where vineyards and olive groves surround beautiful wineries and castles nearby. Chianti is famous for its wines and here you can taste the best wines of the ragion joining a tasting tour and visiting beautiful wineries.

Here we will describe the way to reach one of the most charming villages in the Chianti near Florence, Greve in Chianti.

The only way to reach Greve in Chianti is by bus or car, trains don’t pass here because there is no train station.


From Florence to Chianti  by bus:

Leave Florence and reach the wonderful peace of Chianti countryside tasting wines and exploring villages of unique charm.

To reach Greve in Chianti you can take a city bus from the Bus Station in the center, just a minute away on foot from S.M. Novella.

The average travel time is 50min and the train stops several times passing through the beautiful Tuscan countryside.


From Florence to Chianti by car:

A car is the best way to explore Chianti visiting villages and wineries that you can hardly reach with a bus. From Florence take the route 222 “Strada Regionale Chiantigiana”, the drive will be amazing passing throuh small villages and vineyards of the countryside. The travel time to Greve in Chianti is about 1 hour, enjoy and let you inspire for your next destination in Chianti during your journey.



From Florence to San Gimignano


from florence to san gimignano

San Gimignano is one of the most famous villages of Tuscany, known for its medieval charm and the historical buildings inside its old defense walls. San Gimignano is the perfect destination for a day trip from Florence, immersing yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of the countryside.


From Florence to San Gimignano by train:

To reach San Gimignano you can take a train that will take you from Firenze to Poggibonsi, a town near San Gimignano, then from the station you can take a bus that will arrive at your destination in about 20 min.

The overall travel time from Florence to San Gimignano with train is 2h 15min.


From Florence to San Gimignano by bus:

With a bus you can reach San Gimignano driving through the wonderful countryside of Chianti.

From Florence bus station, near S.M. Novella, you can take a bus that will bring you to the little village of Romituzzo, where a connecting bus takes you to San Gimignano in about 20min.

The average travel time of this journey is 1h 45min.


From Florence to San Gimignano by car:

Driving around the hills of Chianti to reach San Gimignano is an amazing journey, it will not take so long and the route is full of unforgettable landscapes. From Florence take the route to Siena for a wile, then follow the road signs for San Gimignano. The average travel time for this drive is 1h 10min, so relax and take your time to fully enjoy this wonderful journey.



From Florence to Montepulciano

from florence to montepulciano

Montepulciano is a small Medieval town in the southern area of Tuscany. Nestled in the hills, this town has a unique atmosphere where historical charm and natural landscapes mixes together.

Visiting Montepulciano is a good idea for a Tuscan adventure immersed in the countryside, tasting fine wines and typical food far from the stress of a crowded city.


From Florence to Montepulciano by train:

To reach Montepulciano by train the best way is to leave from Firenze S.M. Novella taking a train that stops at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme. From that stop you can easily take a bus to reach Montepulciano in about 1 hour.

The overall travel time for this journey is 3 hours.


From Florence to Montepulciano by bus:

If you want to travel to Montepulciano only by buses there are some solutions that will easily take you to destination. Leaving from Largo Alinari (a bus station in front of S.M. Novella) a bus will first take you from Florence to Bettolle. From here you can take another bus that will make you reach Montepulciano in about 30 min.

The overall travel time is about 2 hours. This solution is faster than trains, but you have to plan well your journey checking the schedules, not so many buses make this route daily.


From Florence to Montepulciano by car:

Driving to Montepulciano with your car is easy and the journey will no take much long.

From Florence you can take the A1/E35 Highway turning to Bettolle after a while, then follow the road signs to Montepulciano and you will arrive to your wonderful destination.

The average travel time following this route is 1h 40min.



From Florence to Versilia

From Florence to Versilia

The Tuscan coast is a place where the wild nature meets the blue sea crating a beautiful scenario for a sea holiday. Versilia is one of the most popular seas in Tuscany, in the northern part of the coast. Here you can find wonderful beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Leaving Florence and the center of Tuscany to move in its coast is a magical journey through all the shades of this region.


From Florence to Versilia by train:

To reach Versilia and the coast you can take a regional train that from Florence S.M. Novella brings you to Viareggio, the main city in Versilia. From here you can take a bus to some of the many sea resorts of the coast. The average travel time for this journey is 1h 25min.

Trains are very frequent and every 20/30 minutes you can leave to reach Versilia and its coast.


From Florence to Versilia by bus:

If you prefer to travel with buses the journey is longer, but you can also reach Versilia with two buses. From S.M. Novella you can take a bus for Pisa Airport and from here another bus will take you to Viareggio and the coast of Versilia. The average travel time, including the waiting at the airport, is 3 hours.

For this journey we suggest you to take the train, that will take you to Versilia faster and in an easier way, requiring no connections.


From Florence to Versilia with car:

From Florence you can easily reach Versilia and its coast by car, free from schedules and stations. For this journey you can take the routes “SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno” or A1 Highway. We suggest you to check the traffic and the travel time on Google Maps before to choose which way is better to take, because traffic can really make the difference.

The average travel time on the two routes is similar, between 1h 15min and 2 hours of drive depending on traffic.



Tuscany is full of unmissable destinations and you can create your own tour visiting some of the most beautiful places here. You can travel passing through wonderful landscapes, coast, countryside and cities of a unique charm, making special your holiday in Tuscany.

Take a map, move by train, bus or car and let you inspire by our post to choose your next destination from Florence, in that way you will complete your adventure traveling Tuscany among all its beauties.


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