tuscany towns map

Tuscany Region: map of less known incredible attractions

Beauty is everywhere in Tuscany, from the well known cities of art like Florence, Siena and Pisa to less known small towns, unconventional destinations that can transform your holiday in a unique journey among Tuscany and its beautiful towns.

Get out of the ordinary holiday and explore Tuscany and its less known incredible places, far from the crowd, to truly live this land.

Discover little pearls hide in the countryside and plan a day trip here to fully enjoy these small towns, incredible places of beauty that will make you a true connoisseur of Tuscany.

Let you inspire by these incredible places and plan your tour with our map of Tuscany towns and their hidden destinations.



Map of Tuscany and its beautiful towns

tuscany towns map

  1. Barberino Val d’Elsa (Florence)

Barberino Val d’Elsa is a beautiful small town near Florence, just 20 mi apart.

Visiting this place you can admire all the medieval charm of Tuscany, immersing yourself in enchanting buildings and alleys that brings you back in time.

The buildings in this town tell the story of this place, a story of wars and alliances between families and near cities, represented in Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo del Cardinale.

Barberino Val d’Elsa is enclosed by the ancient defensive wall and there are two entrance, Porta Fiorentina (the Florentine Gate) and Porta Senese (the Siena Gate).

For a day trip from Florence this hidden town is perfect to discover all the ancient charm of Tuscany.


  1. Anghiari (Arezzo)

Immersed in the beautiful countryside of Valtiberina Anghiari is a small fascinating medieval town. Surrounded by strong defensive walls Anghiari has been for centuries the ground of great events for Tuscan history.

In the ceiling of Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, the famous artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci painted one of the most important events here, The Battle of Anghiari.

In the historic center of the town you can see how time has passed creating a wonderful scenario, walking among churches, ancient buildings and alleys, and from here you can admire the view of the surrounding nature, with woods and other towns lost in the countryside.

Anghiari is only 15 miles far from Arezzo and you can reach this enchanting place with a few minutes of driving.


  1. Barga (Lucca)

In the north part of Tuscany, Barga is a beautiful small town in the area of Garfagnana.

Barga is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll surrounded by nature and beautiful historical buildings, such as Palazzo Balduini and Palazzo Pancrazi, mansions of important aristocratic families of the town.

Barga is also linked to the life of Giovanni Pascoli, one of the most important Italian poet of nineteenth century.

Here you can visit the beautiful house where the poet lived for seventeen years writing some of its most important works, a mansion where culture reign in a fascinating atmosphere.

Barga is a beautiful destination for a day trip from Lucca and Massa discovering less known places in the beautiful Tuscany.

best tuscany towns


  1. Casale Marittimo (Pisa)

Casale Marittimo is a wonderful medieval town on the top of a hill, facing the valley of Cecina river. From the town you can admire a wonderful view that reaches the sea and the Tuscan Arcipelago, the coast is only 8 miles away.

The countryside surrounding the town produces fine wines and oils that you can taste in the local restaurants.

Casale Marittimo dates back to the year 1000 and here you can find beautiful historical sites such as the Palazzo Rocca, the Church of Sant’Andrea.

Near Casale Marittimo there is the ruins of an Etruscan village and the fascinating necropolis of Casa Nocera.

Visiting Casale Marittimo is a wonderful journey between the lush countryside and the coast, discovering an unconventional destination for your holiday in Tuscany.


  1. Casole d’Elsa (Siena)

Nestled in the hills of Chianti, Casole d’Elsa is a charming town from wich you can admire the breathtaking landscape of Siena countryside.

Casole d’Elsa is the typical medieval town, surrounded by strong walls and on the top of a hill, guarding the nearby lands.

Now this place gifts incredible views of Chianti, including San Gimignano and Volterra, two famous cities near Siena.

In Casole d’Elsa there is a magical mix of history and art, indeed the medieval walls and other ancients buildings are now a wonderful background for museums and galleries scattered throughout the town.

Casole d’Elsa is the perfect place where to admire beautiful landscapes in a day trip from Siena.


  1. Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina (Pisa)

Castelnuovo di Val Cecina is a beautiful small town in the rolling hills between Pisa and Florence, where olive groves and vineyards surrounds hamlets lost in the countryside.

This town has inside interesting archeological remains of several historical period, dating back even to the Etruscans. You can admire these treasures preserved here and in the nearby woods.

This town is the perfect destination for nature lovers, from Castelnuovo start many paths for trekking and hiking, making an incredible journey among towns and woods.


best tuscany towns


  1. Certaldo (Florence)

Certaldo is a suggestive medieval hamlet just 30 miles far from Florence. At a first glance Certaldo might seem the typical Tuscan small town, full of historical buildings and great natural landscapes, but there is more to know about.

Certaldo is divided into two parts, the high part is Certaldo Castello, the oldest and more charateristic part of the town, and the other is Certaldo Basso, that has a more recent history dating back the 19th century.

Certaldo has a characteristic city planning with several little squares scattered in the town, with stone staircases and alleys that connect them.

The town is famous throughout Tuscany for being the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Boccaccio, writer of a masterpiece of classic literature such as “The Decameron”.

Even now, spectacular re-enactments are staged throughout the year in honor of the great poet of Certaldo.


  1. Abetone Cutignano (Pistoia)

This beautiful small town in the high mountain of Tuscany, is the perfect destination for nature and winter sports lovers.

During winter Abetone Cutignano is covered with fresh white snow, and the mountain becomes a wonderful background for skiing and snowboarding.

For those who love a peaceful stroll the town is perfect for an adventure exploring the historic center and its alleys.

The municipality of Abetone Cutignano was created only in 2017 with the union of the former towns of Abetone and Cutigliano.

This beautiful town in the mountains is perfect for a winter holiday skiing and enjoying a different face of Tuscany.


  1. Fosdinovo (Massa Carrara)

Fosdinovo is a unique town in the north of Tuscany, with a mix of sea and mountains that gifts unforgettable views to its visitors.

From the height of the mountain you can admire the Tyrrhenian sea, just 8 miles away, and breathe the fresh air of mountain nature.

In Fosdinovo soars Malaspina Castle, a beautiful fortress of 11th century representing the feudal age of the town and now a charming building to visit admiring all its history.

This town is also perfect for those who love to hike and explore nature, Fosdinovo is full of beautiful paths that leads to the surrounding woods.


best tuscany towns


  1. Pitigliano (Grosseto)

When you arrive in Pitigliano you cannot but be struck by its unique shape, at the top of a hill, overhanging, carved out of the tuff rock since the Romans age.

The houses in this small town have developed in height to make the most of the narrow space on which it stands, forming beautiful medieval towers.

Strolling in the historic center of Pitigliano through alleys and small squares you reach the characteristic Jewish ghetto.

Since 1500 in this town there is a large Jewish community who contributed with its buildings and the Synagogue to make Pitigliano even more unique and charming.

Pitigliano is one of a kind among all the small towns in the Tuscan countryside, and all its peculiarities make it one of our beautiful unknown pearl.


  1. Suvereto (Livorno)

Suvereto has all the charm of the typical medieval town, immersed in the nature of the countryside, surrounded by strong defensive walls and full of beautiful historical building inside.

Suvereto is located between the sea and the hills, in Val di Cornia, a countryside area near the Etruscan coast.

In the town there are several interesting religious buildings, such as the Church of San Giusto, a Roman church dated 9th century.

Another interesting religious site is the Convent of San Francesco, a beautiful convent with cloister dated 12th century that now hosts many cultural events.

Suvereto is a wonderful town where time seems to have stopped, visiting it is a journey in all the medieval beauty of Tuscany.


  1. Chiusi (Siena)

Chiusi is a small town in the south of Tuscany, with a long history marked in its walls and buildings.

The town dates back to Etruscan age, when Chiusi was an important center for the nearby villages.

Chiusi preserves its past and the clear signs of the time with Etruscan, Roman and medieval buildings that coexist in the town creating a wonderful historical atmosphere.

Walking around Chiusi you can admire Cathedral, one of the oldest in Tuscany dating back the 6th century, and its museum.

The Museum of the Cathedral is hidden under the town, in the Labyrinth of Porsenna, a series of old Etruscan tunnels that you can visit from the Cathedral.

Porsenna is a wonderful hidden place to discover by walking through its alleys and buildings.


  1. Radicofani (Siena)

Located below an imposing medieval fortress overlooking the valley, Radicofani is a unique town to visit.

From Radicofani you can notice immediately the Rocca, one of the biggest and most important forts in Tuscany, built in the 9th century and since then guarding the land below with its strong walls.

Now the fortress is a beautiful museum that shows all the history of this place, from its construction under the Carolingian to the Medici’s period, including remains of Etruscan and Roman age found in the nearbies.

Visiting the fortress you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the valley and its lush vegetation surrounding the town.

Visiting Radicofani and its impressing fortress is a journey through the history of Tuscany in a less known towns of great beauty.


best tuscany towns


  1. Vinci (Florence)

Vinci is a wonderful town not far from Florence, in the hills of Montalbano area. Vinci is the birthplace of one of the greatest minds in history, Leonardo da Vinci, and visiting the town is a journey among the story of its genius.

Here in Vinci there is the Leonardo Museum, the greatest collection of models and machines invented by Leonardo and built with the directions left in its many notebooks preserved here.

In the museum you can admire all the genius of Leonardo in its works and studies preserved here.

Walking around the town you will find a mix of ancient and modern coexisting together, like the medieval Church of Santa Croce and the modern Piazza dei Guidi, designed by a contemporary artist taking inspiration from Leonardo’s works.

Vinci is a beautiful pearl of Tuscany, a place where culture reigns in antique and modern buildings creating a unique town.


  1. Sorano (Grosseto)

Sorano is a wonderful small town of Etruscan age, where you can admire the greatest expression of the architecture of that time.

Sorano preserves the mark of the centuries in its buildings; founded by Etruscan, passed through Romans and medieval age up to Renaissance, that refined and influenced its architecture.

All the territory surrounding the town is rich in castles and forts of medieval age such as Castello di Montebuono and Rocca di Castell’Ottieri.

Sorano is near another town in this list, Pitigliano (number 10 on this list), and the landscape here is very similar, carved in the tuff rock that defines its borders.

In Sorano you can visit Città del Tufo, a natural park where are preserved important archeological remains found in the area.

Visiting Soverano and its near is a wonderful journey in the Etruscan age discovering an unknown face of Tuscany.



On this list we showed you how beauty in Tuscany is everywhere, even away from the most famous attractions. To make your journey in Tuscany unique and special, it is a good idea to choose less known destinations such as small towns, visiting them you will discover a new face of Tuscany following our map of incredible destinations.



Volognano: the best accommodation for an amazing small towns tour in Tuscany 

Best accomodation in Tuscany

If you are looking for a wonderful tour among small hidden pearls of Tuscany you need the right accommodation where to start your jorney.

Volognano is a castle of the 1100 near Florence, immersed in vineyards and olive groves giving you the opportunity to stay in an accommodation engaged in the wonderful art of winemaking.

In Volognano you can taste wines and local products, know how to perfectly pair wines and food and learn to cook the best tuscan recipes at the cooking classes making a dive into this fantastic land and its flavors.  The castle is a charming accommodation for your holidays in Tuscany. Relax swimming into the pool surrounded by lemon trees, stroll in the Italian garden around the castle or simply stay in one of its rooms finely furnished with antiques decors.


Located in the Chianti area, just 10 miles from Florence, Volognano is the perfect place to stay in the Tuscan countryside and move from Florence living your holiday among the most wonderful towns of Tuscany.



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