Train Rome to Tuscany: choose your destination

Train Rome to Tuscany

Rome is both a great metropolis, with 3 million inhabitants, and a city of art.

It looks like an open-air museum: it holds unique masterpieces and monuments, famous throughout the world, such as the Pantheon or the Colosseum. Perhaps for this reason the Italian capital is capable of attracting 11 million tourists a year.

Inside there are 84 railway stations, located at strategic points in the city. Despite their number, rail traffic continues to have an impact mainly on the Termini and Tiburtina ones. In fact, these two depots are also nodes of high-speed trains.

In particular, Termini is famous for being the Italian railway station with more racing and track traffic: it is traveled by about 850 trains and 480,000 passengers per day.

Thanks to the efficiency of Italian railways it is easy to reach the main Tuscan cities from Rome. In fact, Tuscany is crossed by the main Italian railways.

This is useful, especially because the beautiful region inevitably is part of the itinerary scheduled by any Italian tourist tour.

Let’s look specifically at the various options for moving from Rome to the main Tuscan centers.

Trains Rome to Florence

Florence is a city of extraordinary beauty, rich in art and with unmissable Renaissance architectural works.

Moreover, starting from the Tuscan chief town it is possible and easy to explore the other wonderful places of Tuscany.

For these reasons, the city is the second Italian favorite destination for tourists, who often decide to move to the Tuscan capital after visiting Rome.

There are many solutions proposed by the Italian railway system able to satisfy this choice. In particular, we have Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Intercitynotte, Regionale and Italotreno trains that provide this transfer.

However, these different options can lead to very different journeys, due to the price and duration:

  • Frecciargento takes 1h 12’ and the price of the ticket starts from € 50.00.
  • Frecciarossa requires 1h 32’ and costs minimum € 50.00.
  • The Regionale Veloce train needs 3h 35’, but it is the cheapest solution, in fact you can buy a ticket for € 21.65.
  • The Intercitynotte travels in 3h 09 ‘for € 34.00
  • Italo, finally, brings in 1h 20’ to Florence for a price that varies from € 21.90 to € 44.90, based on days and times.


17:12 Roma Termini20:48 Firenze SMN3h 36′Regionale Veloce 2316From € 21,65
17:20 Roma Termini18:51 Firenze SMN1h 31′Frecciarossa 9556From € 50,00
17:35 Roma Termini19:07 Firenze SMN1h 32′Frecciargento 9446From € 50,00
18:12 Roma Termini21:20 Firenze SMN3h 08′Intercity 596From € 37,00
Train Rome to Tuscany: Florence

Trains Rome to Siena     

Siena is a city opulent in history, immersed in the fascinating Tuscan countryside.

In particular, the town still retains a medieval charm that makes it unique and recognizable. For this reason and for the famous Palio di Siena which takes place twice a year, it is a popular tourist destination.

Despite being, in the air line, one of the Tuscan provinces closest to Rome (230 km against the 270 of Florence), it is not well connected with the capital. Therefore, moving between the two cities necessarily requires a change and several hours of travel.

The solutions proposed by Trenitalia for this itinerary are however frequent (every 20 minutes) and different:

  • Regionale Veloce + Regionale; this option is particularly economical as the ticket costs only € 17.40, but lasts 3h 38’ because it provides for the call to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme.
  • Frecciarossa + Regionale; a combination that requires a change in Florence Santa Maria Novella and that is not very convenient, because it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes and you have to pay € 59.90.
  • Intercity + Regionale; also with a stopover in Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, it is the fastest solution (only 3 hours) and involves a minimum cost of € 29.70.


16:20 Roma Termini19:38 Siena3h 18′Frecciarossa 9552From € 59,50
16:39 Roma Tiburtina20:03 Siena3h 24′Intercity 596From € 29,70
17:12 Roma Termini21:22 Siena4h 10′Regionale Veloce 2316
Regionale Veloce 6922
From € 17,40

Trains Rome to Grosseto

Grosseto is located in an area called Maremma and is the main center for Tuscan seaside tourism. In fact, compared to the other chief town, two of the aspects for which it is famous are its beaches and nightlife.

Despite this peculiarity, this city contains monuments of special beauty, such as the Duomo and the Fortezza Medicea, and has a strong food and wine tradition.

Being the southernmost chief town of Tuscany, Grosseto is very close to Rome (190 km away) and a minimum time is required to move between the two cities.

The best choice to make this move is definitely the train, especially because it allows to avoid traffic and Ferrovie Italiane offers solutions every half hour.

Options include:

  • Frecciabianca;

duration = 1h 40’

price = € 28.50

  • Regionale Veloce;

duration = 2h 10’

price = € 13

  • Intercity;

duration = 1h 30’

price = € 24


15:57 Roma Termini17:36 Grosseto1h 39′Intercity 518From € 24,00
16:12 Roma Termini18:23 Grosseto2h 11′Regionale Veloce 2344From € 13,35
16:57 Roma Termini18:37 Grosseto1h 40′Frecciabianca 8626From € 28,50
Train Rome to Tuscany: Maremma

Trains Rome to Pisa        

Pisa is famous throughout the world for Piazza dei Miracoli. In fact, this space contains 3 spectacular monuments such as the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Baptistery, and has recently been included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

The city is located in the northern part of Tuscany, so it is 355 km far from Rome. However, the two cities are well connected at the railway level, so the journey is far from tiring.

In fact, there are very many possible routes to move between the two cities, so we will report only the most functional ones:

  • Frecciarossa + Regionale; with a trip of 3h 05’ and a price that starts from € 58, it includes a stopover in Florence Santa Maria Novella.
  • Intercity; a direct solution for € 38, which includes a 3-hour journey.
  • Regionale Veloce; the cheapest choice (the ticket costs only 24 euros), but also the longest, with 4 hours as travel time
  • Frecciargento + Regionale Veloce; a € 58 option, which includes 2h 54 ’of travel and the change of the train at the Florence station.
  • Frecciabianca; this last alternative provides for slightly shorter times than the others (about 2 hours and 50 minutes) at a price of € 48 per ticket.


15:57 Roma Termini19:00 Pisa Centrale3h 03′Intercity 518From € 38,00
16:05 Roma Termini19:04 Pisa Centrale2h 59′Frecciarossa 1000 9342
Regionale 23369
From € 58,70
16:12 Roma Termini20:15 Pisa Centrale1h 32′Regionale Veloce 2344From € 24,15
16:35 Roma Termini19:29 Pisa Centrale2h 54′Frecciargento 8448
Regionale Veloce 3147
From € 58,70

Trains Rome to Arezzo  

Arezzo is a city with very ancient features, which still fully preserves the signs of the Etruscan people and the Roman Empire. In particular, the Pieve and the Amphitheater are among the most interesting examples of Romanesque architecture never known.

As for its rail link with the capital, Arezzo enjoys some direct, but not particularly frequent, solutions, every hour or so.

The options that you can choose are 3:

  1. Intercity; includes 2 hours and 25 minutes of travel and a charge of € 27.50.
  2. Regionale Veloce; requires 2h 30’ for the distance and the ticket costs only € 14.75, so it is the most advantageous option.
  3. Frecciargento; if you have little time it is certainly the most convenient choice because the train takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Arezzo, but to buy a ticket you need 42 euros.


17:12 Roma Termini19:43 Arezzo2h 31′Regionale Veloce 2316From € 14,75
18:12 Roma Termini20:24 Arezzo2h 12′Intercity 598From € 27,50
18:50 Roma Termini20:00 Arezzo1h 10′Frecciargento 9450From € 42,00
Train Rome to Tuscany: Arezzo

Trains Rome to Lucca     

Lucca is a lively city of art, known above all for its Renaissance walls that enclose the historic center.

Probably the best choice for a tourist who is looking for niche places, unconventional, but rich in monuments to visit and discover. It can also be a pleasant destination for families, thanks to its beautiful green spaces and its Botanical Garden.

Moving between Rome and Lucca necessarily requires the use of more trains. However, the alternatives are numerous and very frequent.

Here are some possible combinations:

  • Frecciabianca up to Pisa and Regionale;

duration = 3h 10’

price = € 52

  • Frecciarossa up to Florence Santa Maria Novella and Regionale;

duration = 3h 10’

price = € 58

  • Regionale up to Florence Santa Maria Novella and Regionale;

duration = 5h 30’

price = € 25.65

  • Frecciargento up to Florence Santa Maria Novella and Regionale;

duration = 3h 30’

price = € 58


05:35 Roma Termini09:23 Lucca3h 48′Frecciargento 9400
Regionale 3046
From € 57,90
05:45 Roma Tiburtina09:23 Lucca3h 38′Frecciarossa 9502
Regionale 3046
From € 57,90
06:05 Roma Termini09:20 Lucca3h 15′Frecciabianca8602
Regionale 3051
From € 52,10
06:12 Roma Termini12:47 Lucca6h 35′Regionale Veloc 2336
Regionale 6761
From € 25,65

Trains Rome to Livorno 

Born as a fishermen’s village, Livorno is still a beautiful port town overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

Since ancient times exploited as a place of naval passage more than a place to stay, it deserves greater attention for the fascinating monuments and viewpoints it houses, such as the New Fortress and the Mascagni Terrace.

Moreover, its urban/maritime landscape makes it a rare pearl of the already rich region.

The Italian railway network allows an efficient connection between Rome and Livorno, allowed both by direct solutions and by combinations of several lines:

  • Regionale; it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes, but it is a very economical solution, in fact to take it you have to spend only € 23.
  • Frecciabianca; convenient if you have no time to lose, it requires 2h 40’and costs € 45.
  • Frecciarossa + Regionale Veloce; it is not the most advantageous choice, because it foresees a change in Florence Santa Maria Novella, the journey takes 3 h 30 min and costs 60 €.
  • Regionale Veloce + Regionale; also this solution is not recommended, in fact, despite the price of the ticket is only € 28, it needs to change in Florence and spend 5 hours and 15 minutes on the train.


15:15 Roma Tiburtina18:11 Livorno Centrale3h 48′Frecciarossa 9338
Regionale Veloce 3177
From € 60,10
15:47 Roma Termini18:44 Livorno Centrale2h 47′IntercityFrom € 36,50
16:12 Roma Termini19:53 Livorno Centrale3h 41′Regionale Veloce 2344From € 22,85
16:57 Roma Termini12:47 Livorno Centrale2h 41′Frecciabianca 8628From € 45,00
Train Rome to Tuscany: Livorno

Trains Rome to Massa Carrara

Massa is the northernmost capital of Tuscany, and therefore the most distant from Rome.

Among the most beautiful architectural works guarded by the city we find the Malaspina Castle and the Duomo.

Moreover, from the city it is possible to admire both the sea of ​​the Ligurian Gulf and the beautiful peaks of the Apuan Alps.

Despite its considerable distance from the capital, the railway network offers excellent solutions for traveling to the curious Massa and starting the Tuscan tour from the northern area.

For example, you can choose between:

  • Frecciarossa + Regionale; making a stop in Santa Maria Novella, it allows you to make the journey in 3h and 50’, but costs € 62
  • Frecciabianca; with a ticket that  you can buy with€ 52, runs the itinerary in just 3h and 25’.
  • Intercity; the probably most advantageous solution, leads to Massa in 3 hours and 30 minutes and is € 41.50
  • Regionale Veloce + Regionale; not a particularly convenient choice because it provides a train change in Pisa and lasts 5 h, but it should be taken into consideration for its price which is only 27 €.


11:57 Roma Termini15:23 Massa Centro3h 26′Frecciabianca 8616From € 52,00
12:12 Roma Termini17:11 Massa Centro4h 59′Regionale Veloce 2340
Regionale 11858
From € 26,65
12:20 Roma Termini16:14 Massa Centro3h 54′Frecciarossa 9528
Regionale Veloce3133
Regionale 11854
From € 66,80
12:40 Roma Tiburtina17:41 Massa Centro5h 01′Intercity 590
Regionale 23365
From € 48,80
12:50 Roma Termini16:43 Massa Centro3h53′Frecciargento 8434
Regionale 23363
From 61,80
13:12 Roma Termini18:12 Massa Centro5h 00′Regionale 23652
intercity 684
From 36,85

Tips: where to stay in Tuscany

Tuscany offers unique and special accommodations.

If you are looking for a place to stay for a breathtaking tour of the region, you should probably look for a characteristic solution between Florence and its surroundings.

In fact, the capital is located in the center of Tuscany and not only is it a must visit, but it also allows you to move skillfully towards the other points of interest that the territory has to offer.

Among all the possible accommodations, Volognano is an 1100 castle located near Florence.

It is a solution out of the ordinary, which would allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the region right from the night, thanks to the antique furniture that recall the Renaissance character.

Moreover, it has a strategic position because it is located in an area of great attraction both for the cultural tourism of the city, and for the food and wine tourism of the Chianti area.                                                                                                  

Train Rome to Tuscany: Chianti

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