How far is Tuscany from Venice

Venice is characterized by an atypical retrò charm.

The city is the capital of Veneto, a region located in north-eastern Italy

The geology of the urban center is unique. In fact, Venice rises on a lagoon, generated by the convergence of the mouths of several rivers (Sile, Brenta, Adige to name the most important).

The numerous canals that wind through the city split the latter into 118 islets and make it largely pedestrianized.

Moreover, the characteristic conformation is due to the many picturesque bridges, the narrow streets and the gondolas (the well-known typical Venetian transport), which decorate and embellish Venice.

In addition to its unique territory, the city is famous for the many attractions that adorn it. Among them, noteworthy are the Palazzo Ducale, the Basilica of San Marco, the Correr Museum, the Gallerie dell’Accademia and the Ca ‘Rezzonico.

The curious city is famous, then, for its carnival. During this period it is possible to watch a parade of traditional Venetian masks and San Marco Square decorated.

Finally, Venice also owes its charm to two particular events that host:

  1. The Biennale, which aims to promote new artistic trends
  2. The Venice International Film Festival, which takes place annually.

Tuscany is a privileged tourist destination, thanks to its cultural, gastronomic and historical richness.

The possibilities that the region offers are endless.

For example, it is possible to discover Chianti, an area characterized by suggestive villages, incredible wine tastings and soft hills.

Or you can choose to visit the Maremma, which offers many different landscapes (islands, coasts, nature reserves, lagoons) and hosts unique places, such as the Tarot Garden or the Garden of Daniel Spoerri.

If you have already been enchanted by Venice, you must go to Livorno, in the neighborhood called La Venezia Nuova, which reflects both the urban landscape of the Venetian capital with its canals, its bridges and its elegant buildings.

Tuscany and Venice are two fascinating and unmissable places, which compete for beauty and suggestiveness of their territory.

Both points of interest inevitably attract tourists, who, by organizing a tour among them, will be able to better appreciate their value and their timeless heritage.

Specifically, the road distance between Venice and the main Tuscan cities is:

  • Siena = 322.03 km
  • Florence = 256.35 km
  • Lucca = 306.91 km
  • Grosseto = 390.66 km
  • Pisa = 335.16 km
  • Livorno 347.93 km
  • Arezzo = 330.46km
  • Massa = 348.60 km
Venice - Venice to Tuscany

Venice to Tuscany by train 

To move between the two places so enchanted and romantic you can opt for the train.

This efficient solution makes it possible to avoid any road congestion and the stress deriving from driving for the long journey.

Furthermore, if you find the right combination or offer, this means of transport can also be particularly economical.


To get to Florence from Venice, the train is certainly the best choice, as well as being the fastest.

In fact, Trenitalia offers numerous solutions to move easily along this route, spending between 18 and 70 euros.

In particular, the state railway company offers a direct Freccia every hour, the journey of which lasts about 2 h 9 min.

Furthermore, Italo also offers its trains to move between Venice Santa Lucia and Florence Santa Maria Novella at a very low cost (between 18 and 30 euros). Their journey takes on average 2 h and 5 min and the route is available every two hours.

trains fo florence - Venice to Tuscany
florence - Venice to Tuscany


Despite their praised resemblance, Venice and Livorno are not well connected to each other.

In fact, the stretch between the two maritime cities can take from 3 and a half hours to 5 and requires at least one change.

Furthermore, the amount needed to make this move ranges between 35 and 70 euros.

trains to livorno - Venice to Tuscany


A speech similar to the previous one can also be made for the itinerary that goes from Venice Santa Lucia to Siena.

In this case the trip:

  •        require at least one change
  •        need time between 4 h and 7 h, 30 min
  •        have a total cost between 30 and 67 euros
trains to siena - Venice to Tuscany
siena - Venice to Tuscany


To move from Venice to Pisa via the Italian railway network, it is optimal to take a Frecciargento or Frecciarossa train to Florence Santa Maria Novella and then take advantage of a regional train.

In this way it will be possible to arrive in Pisa Centrale in 3 hours and 30 minutes, spending about 65 euros

trains to pisa - Venice to Tuscany


Although Lucca is the second Tuscan province due to its proximity to the Venetian capital, the connection between the two cities it is difficult.

In this case the most comfortable provides for the combination of a Freccia and a regional one. However, this solution has a high price (65 euros) and takes a good 4 hours.

If you want to save money, you can alternatively use more regional ones. In fact, making two changes and traveling for 5h and 40min, it is likely to spend only 25 euros.

trains to lucca - Venice to Tuscany
lucca - Venice to Tuscany

Venice to Tuscany by flight

The plane is a particularly safe and fast means of transport.

Despite this, it is not particularly recommended to use the services offered by the airlines to move between Venice and Tuscany.

In fact, the two airports of the region, Florence Peretola and Pisa, do not have direct connections with Marco Polo, the airport of the Venetian capital.

In both cases it is necessary to use two different Alitalia flights to stop at Rome Fiumicino, spend 120 euros and travel for 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can combine several other airlines (Easyjet, Ryanair, Volotea) and travel the Venice-Pisa or Venice-Florence routes in just over 6 hours. In this event the airport will be in Monaco and the air ticket will cost between 30 and 60 euros.

Venice  to Tuscany by bus  

If you want to get out of your own schemes and make the same shift an experience, the bus is the best solution.

Lately, this means of transport is very fashionable, because it allows you to save money, plan trips at the last moment and approach destinations that are difficult to reach otherwise.

In this regard, FlixBus is a company that offers competitive low-cost transport services throughout Europe.

This enterprise provides few direct routes from Venice to Tuscany and allows getting only Siena, Florence and Barberino di Mugello.

Nevertheless, once you arrive in one of these Tuscan towns, it is possible to move easily throughout the region, taking advantage of the numerous other Flixbus bus stations.

Specifically, between 9 and 30 euros may is the fare to move directly between Venice and the Tuscan towns mentioned above.

While, as regards the duration of the journey, this in the case of the bus will vary greatly depending on the state of the traffic. In general, the Venice – Florence route includes between 3 hours and 30 minutes and 5 hours.

landscape - venice to tuscany

Venice to Tuscany by car    

A final means of transport to be taken into consideration for moving from Venice to Tuscany is the car.

This is the most suitable solution for those who want to live for the day and freely decide how much time to spend on a visit and which places to be enchanted.

Traveling by car in Tuscany can mean enormously expanding your chances of exploring and discovering the many facets of the region, from its gastronomic tradition to its folkloristic villages.

However, as in the case of the bus, even in the car, one’s movements and times are at the mercy of traffic jams. Furthermore, abusing this medium can be a source of stress for drivers.

In general, the necessary travel times between Venice and the main Tuscan cities are:

  • for Siena = 3h 25 ‘
  • for Florence = 2h 50 ‘
  • Lucca = 3h 13 ‘
  • Grosseto = 4h 30 ‘
  • Pisa = 3h 30 ‘
  • Livorno 3h 40 ‘
  • Arezzo = 3h 30 ‘
  • Massa = 3h 40 ‘

Venice to Tuscany : the solutions of the travel agencies

If the trip happens on a special occasion or if you prefer to have your itinerary planned by someone who is particularly expert, you can contact the travel agencies.

In this event the latter will be concerned about the organization of the various trips and usually private buses will be used.

However, as you can see by turning a little on the net, agencies rarely propose itineraries that explore only two places. More often the route planned also includes part of Emilia-Romagna or Rome itself.

For example, ItalyXP proposes a tour that in just five days aims to explore Tuscany, Venice and Bologna, starting from Rome

The honeymoon tour proposed by Viaggi D’ambra is certainly more interesting and nice.

In this case the experience begins in Venice, the city of Love par excellence, moves towards the splendid Florence, then continues with a tour of the medieval villages and the surrounding countryside and, finally, ends in Rome, the eternal city .

tuscany landscape - venice to tuscany

Where to stay in the heart of Tuscany: the wonder of Volognano       

Florence is certainly a strategic point where to go after having been in Venice.

In fact, its centrality makes it possible to move easily towards the rest of the region.

Moreover, the Tuscan capital is one of the few cities that do not risk being silly and empty after having fallen in love with a unique and fascinating scenario like the one that Venice offers.

Just 16 km from Florence, in the heart of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini area, stands the enchanting Castello di Volognano. This place is to be explored and lives, starting from the medieval village developed on its margins.

The structure, equipped with numerous comforts and pleasures, is an excellent choice for your stay.

First of all, due to its proximity to Florence and its efficient transport services. Secondly, due to its atmosphere and its typical beauty of the Tuscan territory. Finally, if you were traveling on the occasion of a special circumstance, because it has inside a room suitable for organizing events obtained from the ancient cellars of the Castle.

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