What time is it in Tuscany

The Hour in Tuscany Now

Tuscany is a popular region in Italy. In Europe the time of different countries is close to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

In winter period London is usually considered as GMT+0 but when the Daylight saving time starts in summertime the time changes to GMT+1 in London.

However, in Tuscany the time is GMT+1 which is Standard Time Zone during winter but in Daylight Saving Time it becomes GMT+2.

There different hours in Europe in different zone depending on the sunrise and sunset. Followed by Tuscany we will see how time differs in hours within different parts of the world.

When in New York its 8 AM in Tuscany is….

Tuscany is located in Central European Time Zone which is CET and New York is located at Eastern Standard Time Zone which is EST.

According to the Daylight Saving Time is not the same in Eastern Standard Time and Central European Time. In EST zone the DST changes from the 2nd Sunday of March to 1st Sunday of November every year. For having more daylight in summer during the evening, at this period GMT becomes GMT-4.

Tuscany is in CET zone, which changes for DST from Last Sunday of March to Last Sunday of October in every year and the GMT at this period changes to GMT+2 for having more daylight in summer during the evening.

According to EST zone, the GMT time in New York is GMT-5 which means if the time in New York is 8 am the time in Tuscany is 2 pm but it changes during the summertime.

8 am in New York is simply busy and people started there day with breakfast and they eat usually bacon with eggs, bread toast and bagels and coffee.

On the other hand, 2 pm in Tuscany is lunchtime, usually people go to grab a Lampredotto Sandwich but there are also lots of Tuscan lunch menu which people eats from 1 pm – 2 pm in-home or outside.

What time is it in Tuscany: lunch

When in New York its 4 PM in Tuscany is….

If consider the time in New York at 4 pm now so in Tuscany it will be 10 pm. During night time visiting Tuscany has a great fun in itself. The street lights enlighten the whole region.

People passes their night time with their friends or family talking and gossiping in the Bars with a glass of wine.

Whereas, in New York at 4 pm it is a time when people may take a break for coffee. Offices and shops are run typically during afternoon time because people are looking for the evening.

What time is it in Tuscany: night

Legal hours in Tuscany

Legal hours indicates the Greenwich Mean Time of the world. Tuscany has the same time among all other regions in Italy which is GMT+1.

The last Sunday of March the time 2 am becomes to 3 am for Daylight Saving Mode and the Greenwich Mean Time becomes GMT+2 until last Sunday of October.

What time is it in Tuscany: clock

Moreover, the Last Sunday of October the time 3 am become 2 am and it runs again according to GMT+1 in all over Central European Time zone.

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