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What to know of Florence: the 5 top news regarding the history

Florence has many things to explore, to know and to enjoy. There are many things that have happened in the past which can’t be described in short but the top 5 news about Florence you can’t ignore. The history of Florence began to the early period, from the Medici to unification and the evolution of modern city. There are many exciting news happened in between those tenure.

1. Capital of Tuscany

Florence is known as the Capital of the Tuscan region. There may be a question arose why it became the capital of the region.

Florence or Firenze known in Italy conquered the Tuscany’s other places by wars and trade from the beginning of the 12th century to the 16th century.

The location of the city is spread around 230 km and it is the northwest side of Rome. The city is covered with beautiful hills, villas and orchards.

During the time of the 14th to the 16th century Florence gained prominence in trade and commerce.

2. Quarters of Florence

The city is traditionally divided into four quarters whereas three of them are located on the right-hand bank of the Arno, Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and the quarter of Santa Croce.

In the south there is only one quarter which is Santo Spirito.

The further division of each quarter is into four gonfalons. These gonfalons stated as the admin sectors of Florence and every people resident belongs to one of gonfalons.

3. Biggest Flood

One of the biggest climate crisis in Florence the great flood of Florence which would be recognized for years to decades as one of the worst natural catastrophes to the heart of the city of Renaissance.

Many lives were gone, lots of destroyed works and art disasters and even the famous Franciscan basilica which was built in 1296 was steeped in almost 3 meters of water after the Arno busted throughout from the riverbank.

Florence has had two disastrous floods both on November 4th. The first was in 1333 and then November 4th, 1966.

4. Marzocco

The Marzocco, a seated lion with a posture of resting on its paw is the emblem of Florence.

This name derived from the meaning of Mars, which was one of the prior and first symbols of Florentina and it was modified by the lion.

The main curious fact about this is that live lions were once kept inside the cages near Palazzo Comunale which is a street.

The street is named as Via dei Lioni until today because of the lions being kept behind it.

5. Unsalted Bread

There is a history behind why the bread of Tuscan is unsalted. Since from the 12th century the bread is traditionally made without salt.

During the period of rivalry with Pisa, there was a blocking of shipments of salt from the Pisans.

However, the Pisans thought that blocking of the shipment of salt would defeat Florentines the battle.

Instead of surrendering the Florentine people started making bread without the Salt just to let Pisans know that they would run their life without salt.

Unforgettable experiences Florence: bread

How to move on Florence

Florence is a small city where walking is the most preferable way of life. Walking by foot pleasures the pedestrians with the view of different historical places and sites. Although there are lots of transportable options which will reduce the walking distance and time.

1. Buses

The most known public transportation is Bus. The company which provides the bus service is named as ATAF. The bus service is all around the city center.

It also reaches the extensive areas such as hills, Scandicci, Campi and Fiesole.

Buying the bus tickets are very easy to get from any tabaccheria or from direct bus onboard. The cost is 1.50 euro and onboard its 2.50 euro.

2. Trams

Another popular and common way to move is Trams. There are 2 lines of trams which runs inside Florence.

Line T1 moves towards Villa Costanza stops near Castine Park. Line T2 moves from Unità to Florence Airport.

The tickets are the same as for the bus of ATAF for move around.

Unforgettable experiences Florence: tram

3. Bike Sharing

The popular transport in Florence nowadays is bake sharing by Mobike apps. The option to ride the bike you should have the app on your smartphone and unlock the bike near you.

After finishing the ride just leave the bike just in the place of the  bike rack and lock it back again.

Price is only 30-50 cents per half-hour. You can find the orange and gray colored bike in the city center or by searching on Mobike mobile app.

4.    Car Sharing

It is for the person who can drive and they can rent the cars for a few hours. You need to pay only the actual usage which is required in contrast with time and distance traveled.

Going a bit far from the city is the best option to take this cars because sometimes there may be to bus access to those places.

There are 4 car sharing options at cheap prices such as share’ngo, car2go, enjoy and adduma car.

5.    Taxis

Taxis are very easy to get and traditional transport all around the world. Florence has various taxi stands near different stations.

We will find some easy to get taxi points are the Santa Maria Novella train station, Stazione Leopolda, Piazzale Michelangelo and many other places all around the city.

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