The Hour in Tuscany

When in London Its 8 AM in Tuscany is….

In London the time zone CET and the Greenwich Mean Time is GMT+0. The time of 8 am in London is the time of 9 am in Tuscany.

During this time, Tuscan people start their work and just had their breakfast on Bar with a croissant and cappuccino.

In London the time 8 am is the perfect time to have breakfast with fried eggs, toast bread, bacon and sausage etc.

Tuscany is the city of hills and greenery. The best gastronomic walk can be start from 9 am after having the breakfast. The busy streets with city transport makes you feel the real value of time and work.

What time is it in Tuscany: bar

When in London its 4 PM in Tuscany is….

4 pm is the time when the people of London takes a break for Tea. It’s the ideal time to take the tea and have some conversation with other people in a busy day.

The 4 pm in London is 5 pm in Tuscany. The time for taking Merenda which means maybe a coffee with a simple bread, focaccia, pastries or in summer it is very popular to have a Gelato in the afternoon. 

In Tuscany 5 pm is the time when people go for shopping, movies, and parks for a walk. Though 5 pm lots of museums are remained open, people can also visit there for recreation.

What time is it in Tuscany: walk

Legal hours in Tuscany

Legal hours indicates the Greenwich Mean Time of the world. Tuscany has the same time among all other regions in Italy which is GMT+1.

The last Sunday of March the time 2 am becomes to 3 am for Daylight Saving Mode and the Greenwich Mean Time becomes GMT+2 until last Sunday of October.

What time is it in Tuscany: clock

The legal time in Tuscany, Italy. Central European Time in GMT. Discover the different times in different cities.Moreover, the Last Sunday of October the time 3 am become 2 am and it runs again according to GMT+1 in all over Central European Time zone.

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