Best Tuscany Drive

Your Wonderful Travel Guide for Discovering Tuscany by Car

Florence to Chianti in between Vineyards

Travelling by car is the best way of recreation from Florence to any places. But the best route from Florence to enjoy seeing the beautiful vineyards is to choose the only way to Chianti.

Take a turn from the main road of Florence and go way to Monteriggioni by the direction of Castelina where the roads are full with small villages.

The roads are windy and from the beginning of the journey roads are slightly steep and then it will take you to the middle of the vineyards.

The most interesting fact that you can take a break while your tour and taste the wines and oils from the local producers of the best wines. While visiting the village you can visit the small shops of wines and also talk with the local traders about the wines.

Authentic taste of wine and the best price is the valuable thing which you will enjoy while going to the trail. There are very famous vineyards in the route. One is Castello di Brolio and another one is Castello Ricasoli, worth visiting.

In this quick tour you will see wine and wine here and there. In near the village there are many beautiful and scenic places to have a walk. A very pleasure way from Florence to Chianti and most preferable way there.

Tuscany drive-Chianti

Scenic Argentario Seaside route from Panoramic

The exceptional part of the Tuscan travel guide is ride near the seaside of the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian coast which is different from the greenery of typical Tuscan postcards.

The most beautiful and exotic route is near the coast around Penisula of Argentino. Early visit to the small town of Porto Santo Stefano by following the Panoramico road which is a high hill.

Climbing up to the hills to some miles will give you the excellent view of the sea. The route is way to forest and a windy road which will reveal the scenic seaside after a while. 

Best thing of the visit if you got some time then you can get a beach view by going slight slop by mini trekking. This coast is the most charming seaside to visit in whole Tuscan region with a combination of small town with a pinch of wild greenery.

Tuscany drive-Coast

Volognano: The Best Accommodation for an Amazing Touring Experience

For having the best travel experience, a place to stay is mandatory in Tuscany. To get to the best lodging in Tuscany in the best price visit

Volognano has been working successfully for years in the tourism sector and offers prestigious and competitive accommodation. The residence is equipped with every comfort and the wine cellar inside allows you to be able to savor and fully experience the Tuscan tradition.

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