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Pisa and Arezzo: Two must-see cities in the world

Immersed in history, Pisa and Arezzo are two jewels of the Tuscan landscape, which deserve to be admired, from every point of view.


Pisa in the past centuries was a Roman settlement and thanks to that colony, today is possible to admire in the city many remains as streets, squares, religious and civil buildings.

In the XI century, the city of Pisa was an important naval base.

The city is known around the world for its Leaning Tower, or Pisa Tower. This Tower is so famous because its main feature is a slope and attracts millions of tourists every year. The Tower is part of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and its construction can be divided into three stages over 199 years!

In the Tower bell, there are seven bells that represent the note of the major musical scale.

Thereare other monuments to visit in Pisa, such as the Cathedral, the ancient Church of Saint Paolo a Ripa d’Arno, where you can admire the Roman architecture, and the Church of Santa Maria della Spina.

Do not miss to visit the historical narrows alley where are located buildings from the XIV and XV century, called Borgo Stretto and Borgo Largo. Moreover, these two “Borghi” are the commercial areas of the city, full of shops and traditional restaurants.

Where is Florence: Pisa


Arezzo, as the main city in the region of Tuscany, is a medieval town. Its most attractive part of the city is the famous square called Piazza Grande, surrounded by palaces, towers, and churches. All these buildings were built in different centuries and all of them give the city an artistic and historical aspect.

Once you are in Piazza Grande you should walk through Passeggio del Prato Park, it is the perfect place for a quiet walk into nature.

Also, the city is important for its ancient churches, such as the Cathedral of San Donato, which it has a gothic style. The magnificent Basilica di San Francesco, where are still intact the walls with Renaissance frescoes, painted by Piero Della Francesca, one of the most important artist during the Italian Renaissance period.

Where is Florence: Arezzo

Distances from top Cities in Italy

All the main cities in Tuscany are well connected and each city can be reached in a maximum of a couple of hours.

From Florence to Lucca

From Florence to Lucca the distance is less than 85 kilometers so it takes just an hour and a half to reach the city.

From Florence to Siena

From Florence to Siena the distance is less than 80 kilometers and it takes around an hour to arrive in the city.

From Florence to Pisa

From Florence to Pisa the distance is 105 kilometers. By car reach, the city takes about an hour and 40 minutes.

From Florence to Arezzo

Arezzo is less than 80 kilometers from Florence and it takes about an hour to go from one city to the other.

How to get there

If you are planning your trip in Tuscany there are different ways to get in the region: by car, plane, train or bus.

The choice of transportation depends on where you are leaving from. The cheapest solutions usually are bus, train, and car.

If you are not close to Tuscany then the best option is the planeThe main airport in Tuscany is located in Florence.

What time is it in Florence

In Florence there is the “Legal hour” that indicates the Greenwich Mean Time of the world.

In Tuscany, as well as in Italy there is the GMT +1.

The last Sunday of March in Italy the clock hands move one hour forward and the Greenwich Mean Time becomes GMT +2 until the last Sunday of October, when the hands move one-hour backwords.

The perfect accommodation for visiting Florence: Volognano

If you are looking for accommodation while you visit the beauties of Tuscany, Volognano can be the perfect place for you.

Volognano is a Castel, only 10 miles away from Florence. Its strategical position is excellent for discovering the cities around Volognano meanwhile, you enjoy the Tuscan countryside.

Volognano Castel is much more. While you stay there, you can take part to wine tours, and taste all the traditional dishes that make this Region one of the best Italian places.

Volognano is a world where you can discover, learn, taste and dream!

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