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How Far is Florence from Chianti

The capital of the Tuscan region is Florence. The distance between Florence to the Chianti region is similar to the distance from Tuscany to Chianti. Florence is 1 kilometer far from Tuscany.

Moreover, anyone can explore Chianti or Florence from both of places vice versa with a whole day trip. There are all mode of transport are available by Bus, Train and Car.

The distance between Florence to Chianti area is 35 Kilometers and if you go with the road to a specific Chianti cities then the minimum distance is 45.7 Kilometers. There are available train stations which goes to Chianti and also come back to Florence.

But the Train station is very far from many parts of Chianti as the towns and villages of Chianti is on the hillside and high up from train tracks.

It is best if you want to enjoy the countryside of Chianti from Florence especially the vineyards. You can see lots of vine fields and enjoy the views by the train journey.

If you consider the hour it changes according to which mode of transport you will choose. In generally for Chianti wine tour the drive time is 30 minutes. It is better to rent a car though there are lots of buses which go to Chianti on weekends.

florence to chianti: Chianti

Florence to other Tuscany cities: distances

As the city is a popular base for holidays in Tuscany region the convenient is nearby airport and lots of stuffs to explore at a time.

Basically for adventurous trips the voyagers always look for day trips. For exploring medieval hill towns or coastal rides or countryside and any other famous city, there are some cities which are the best for a day trip from Florence.


The distances by car from Florence to Siena is 1 hour 10 minutes and the distance is 78.3 km by car. By the Bus the distance is more or less similar such as 1 hour 20 minutes and so on if you choose a different route.

The shorter way to reach Siena is by car and the longest one is the train, a journey which takes 1 hour and 45 minutes approximately.  

The city has many things to explore such as Piazza del Campo, Unmistakable shell shape, the Cathedral, Torre Del Mangia and so forth.

The city has medieval origins and it was known as the rival of Florence. If you prefer a relax journey by train you should know the train is 3 km away from the main city center of historic places in Siena. For better journey you can book taxi or enjoy the weather with a group walk.

florence to chianti: siena

Val d’Orcia

Considering by car from Florence to Val d’Orcia the journey time is around 1 hour 50 minutes and the distance is 123.6 km by car.

By the Bus or Train, the distance is very far and divertive and maybe it can consume 4-5 hours in one. The better is to choose the car journey to Val d’Orcia.

The postcard image makes you explore the south of Tuscany. There are lots of places nearby which you can explore in a day trip such as hills and cypress-lined roads, vineyards as far as your eyes go.

The other places you can see which are Pienza, Montepulciano, Montalcino and Bagno Vignoni, mostly preferable bar car.

Arezzo & Cortona

There are 3 routes to go there from Florence. The shortest one is from via A1/E53 which takes almost 1 hour and 35 minutes and the bus and train journey are mixed with intransitively and it takes almost 2 hours. The distance in kilometers is 117.3 Km.

The best things to know about Arezzo is it was the birthplace of two famous artists named Giorgio Vasari and Piero della Francesca.

There are lots of arts of the two famous people and in the south of Arezzo you can find Cortana which is an old city.

florence to chianti: arezzo


Generally speaks in kilometers this place is the closest historic place from Florence almost 85.3 km and the car distance in time is 1 hour and 40 minutes if you choose the bus and train the time will be less than by car.

The best method of transport for visiting Pisa is to pick is a train which will take 1 hour.

Pisa is known for the famous for its Leaning Tower. There are also many places to see in Pisa such as Palazzo Blu or Keith Haring’s mural Tuttomondo known as a top place for art exhibitions.

florence to chianti: pisa


Duration of going therefrom Florence is 1 hour 30 minutes by car and by bus it takes 1 hour 20 minutes and by train, it takes 1 hour 45 minutes. Comparing to explore Lucca, Bus journey is convenient.

The distance is 78.2 km and the journey will start from via A11 from Florence by car.

It is better to take the bus from Magellano Caciolle for the shortest trip. The city has Renaissance famous defense walls that are covered with assembled trees all in a line with a walking path and a bike-riding road.

Lucca is a place of gems with unique Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Torre Guinigi and more than 100 Churches around there. The cathedral of San Martino and the Church of San Michele in Foro is the best of all which will blow your mind.

San Gimignano & Volterra

This place is near Siena with a little distance from Florence which is 58.6 km and the distance in time is 1 hour by car but if you choose bus or train the place to reach it will take 1 and a half-hour.

The city is known as a city of the 100 towers. It has beautiful medieval hill towns nearby Volterra. There are lots of ancient buildings and old streets.

This place in Etruscan time was situated in the heart of town near Piazza dei Priori with wonderful Palazzo dei Priori and palazzo Pretorio. The other place to see is Romanesque Cathedral and Roman amphitheater in Volterra.

florence to chianti: volterra


The distance is 62.3 km and duration by car is 1 hour. Considering the bus rides it takes 2 and a half hours as well.

The nearest train station is very far away from there. It is better to choose the tour by car. This place is another gem of the best-preserved medieval town in Italy.

Monteriggioni is used in Dante’s Divine Comedy. There are exterior defense walls and fourteen towers in Monteriggioni which make it special.

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