Definitive Chianti wine tours from Siena

The definitive whishlist of Chianti wine tours from Siena

Siena is one of the most beautiful Italian city that allows you to be able to visit the historic area of Chianti, which extends to the north of the city until the southern part of Florence.

There are many tourists who visit this area every year to taste the typical products that this land offers and to discover the places where these products are made.

The ways in which tourists enjoy these experiences are many and various. Let’s see which are the most popular.

Town center wine tour

The best solution for those traveling to see the beautiful towns in the Chianti Area.

This tour allows you to visit two beautiful small towns: San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.

A luxury air-conditioned vehicle, with wi-fi on board, will take you to the city center of the towns where you will spend some free-time through their ancient streets.

You will see not only the best restaurants of the area but the hidden places too, where the locals usually dine.

In addition, this tour will allow you to visit three famous Chianti wineries.

Vespa wine tour

The best solution for those travelling to see the hills of Tuscany in a truly Italian style.

If you are a group passionate about Italian culture, there is nothing better than admiring the beautiful landscapes of the Chianti area on your Vespa.

This tour will allow you to ride a Vespa all day by visiting beautiful medieval villages, tasting a typical lunch while sipping good Chianti, relaxing inside a winery before returning to Siena under the supervision of an expert guide.

Definitive Chianti wine tours from Siena

Grape stomping wine tour

The best solution for those who love the cultural tradition of Tuscany.

Get into the spirit of one of the oldest practices in Italy, take off your shoes and take part in the most famous moment of the “vendemmia”: the crushing of the grapes with bare feet!

You will actively participate in the life of a typical Tuscan winery, you can taste the best Chianti wines while enjoying a fantastic typical lunch.

An expert guide will join you all the way.

Fiat 500 wine tour

The best solution for those who love vintage cars.

Explore the ancient streets of Tuscany driving a vintage Fiat 500, head to the beautiful town of Monteriggioni and take a break in a local vineyard.

You will have the opportunity to fully experience the Tuscan air by tasting typical dishes of Italian cuisine and sipping a good Chianti.

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