wonderful hotels in pisa

Wonderful hotels in Pisa: the ultimate list

Because of the variety of structures that are made available to visitors in Pisa, it is important to play in advance and inquire about compliance with the options available. In this way, it will be possible to find the one mainly in line with your needs, be it economic or luxurious.

The aspects to consider when choosing where to stay are, therefore:

  • The area, evaluating, in particular, the one that tries to manage its movements in the best way;
  • • The type of accommodation you want to use;
  • • the amount you are prepared to spend.

Based on these parameters, we offer you some very varied provisions, selected and recommended by us. Read on and discover which one is right for you.

pisa - best hotels in Pisa

Rosso di Sera Tuscany

Rosso di Sera Relais Tuscany stands out for its romantic setting and the many services offered.

The Bed & Breakfast is located near the baptistery and just 100 meters from Pisa San Rossore railway station.

The structure is chosen above all by couples, who appreciate the discretion of the place and the rooms, equipped with flat-screen TVs and designer furniture, but also by those who have pets, whom Rosso di Sera Relais is happy to host.

Despite the centrality of the building, this has a secluded garden, where there are a bar and a swimming pool with whirlpool.

Finally, the staff is polite and equipped with rare professionalism.

B&B Guerrazzi

The B&B Guerrazzi has the particularity of offering a single suite. This allows guests to have at their exclusive disposal a refined and intimate environment perfectly cared for in every detail.

The room is large and equipped with large windows that allow excellent lighting. Its furniture is the result of a perfect meeting between ancient and modern styles. In addition, it has a large terrace, where breakfast can be served.

Instead, the private bathroom is located outside the room.

The property is located in an area slightly detached from the heart of Pisa, near the Lungarno and about 4.3 km from Piazza dei Miracoli.

city - best hotels in Pisa

Bologna Hotel Pisa

The Bologna Hotel Pisa is located just 10 minutes from the Tower and is also close to the Central station.

It is a 4-star hotel with spacious and elegant rooms. In addition, the latter are equipped with flat-screen TVs, parquet floors and independent air conditioning.

One of the strengths of the accommodation is the rich and inviting continental breakfast buffet, capable of satisfying any palate thanks to its varied offer: fruit, cold cuts, fresh bread and freshly baked pastries, which can be eaten on the terraces private rooms or in the garden.

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