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The Hour in Tuscany

When in London Its 8 AM in Tuscany is…. In London the time zone CET and the Greenwich Mean Time is GMT+0. The time of 8 am in London is the time of 9 am in Tuscany. During this time, Tuscan people start their work and just had their breakfast on Bar with a croissant and cappuccino. […]

The Hour in Tuscany Now

Tuscany is a popular region in Italy. In Europe the time of different countries is close to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In winter period London is usually considered as GMT+0 but when the Daylight saving time starts in summertime the time changes to GMT+1 in London. However, in Tuscany the time is GMT+1 which is Standard Time Zone during winter but in […]

Unforgettable Experiences in Florence Tuscany

Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, is one of the historical and cultural significances in the whole world. In the past, Florence is a part of the Roman Empire but later separated and being developed into a thriving medieval sector as a community. The development in different sectors of the city is an ongoing […]

Wonderful attractions in Florence Tuscany

What to know of Florence: the 5 top news regarding the history Florence has many things to explore, to know and to enjoy. There are many things that have happened in the past which can’t be described in short but the top 5 news about Florence you can’t ignore. The history of Florence began to […]

How far is Tuscany from Venice

Venice is characterized by an atypical retrò charm. The city is the capital of Veneto, a region located in north-eastern Italy The geology of the urban center is unique. In fact, Venice rises on a lagoon, generated by the convergence of the mouths of several rivers (Sile, Brenta, Adige to name the most important). The […]

Discover the incredible points of interest of Tuscany

Talking interest in the wonderful locations that Tuscany proposes means going back to the roots of the Italian culture. In fact, the ancient and rich region is home to heritages of different kinds, which together contribute to its enhancement. Among the main Tuscan attractions, we can find verdant landscapes and bucolic hills. Numerous poets and […]

How far is Tuscany from Milan

Milan is the chief town of Lombardy and is the king of northern Italy. This city is famous all over the world for its ability to enhance fashion and design through trade shows, exhibitions and industry events. This last aspect is particularly relevant for understanding the type of tourism that characterizes this modern Italian city. […]