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How far is Tuscany from Florence

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany region and one of the most enchanting cities in Italy, famous all over the world for the works of art preserved in its Museums and Churches. Visit Florence is a wonderful experience to live in your holiday, and after Florence you cannot miss to visit the other beautiful […]

How far is Tuscany from Rome

Italy is a country full of fantastic cities and to reach its most beautiful and fascinating areas is certainly something magical to do on your holiday. Rome is the capital of Italy, a metropolis where its locals and the many tourists spending their holidays here walk around seeing every day some of the most beautiful […]

The list of the top wineries in Tuscany region

Tuscany is a land of unique beauty, it evokes the image of extraordinary works of art, breathtaking landscapes and, especially, great wines. Wine is a piece of Tuscan culture, each area has its own specialty, which has been producing with tradition and pride for centuries. From the famous Chianti area to Montalcino, the home of […]