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Tuscany travel: top travel guide for real travellers

If you are thinking of travelling to Tuscany and you are looking for a travel guide, you can find some suggestions here.

The most important travel guides about Tuscany are:

  • Lonely Planet: This is one of the most famous travel guides thanks to its dynamic spirit and style. In this travel guide, you can find more than 29 different tours and along with car routes. This way, you will discover more than 4000 years of architecture, culture, arts and typical dishes.
  • Rick Steves: This 17th edition it is dedicated to Tuscany and particularly to Florence. This travel guideadvices on  how to get the most out of your time and money, how to connect with local culture, detailed maps, and so on.
  • Fodor’s Travel: One advantage of this travel guide is that a local expert has written it. On it, you can find incredible pictures about monuments, food, architecture and all the most important things that make Tuscany the Italian masterpiece. Furthermore, it is possible to find complete “Best of” list about the best things to do, visit, eat and much more.

Pack your suitcase and travel through the fantastic history, culture and natural beauties of Tuscany.

Tuscany trip where to go

Tuscany is an Italian Region full of impressive landscapes, history medieval villages, and countryside.

In Tuscany, you can taste some of the best Italian wines and, of course, delicious dishes.

A trip to Tuscany is more than a journey. It is a collection of adventures, flavours and emotions. It will be a different trip than usual, to discover new cities and even yourself.

Once you are in Tuscany you have to go to the main cities of the Region: Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca and Arezzo.

Tuscany trip what to visit: Florence

Tuscany vacations Florence

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany. It is undoubtedly the most famous and attractive city in Tuscany. The Romans have founded it in the first century B.C., and later, it became the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

From the 14th to the 16th century, Florence was the most important city in Europe thanks to its political, cultural, and economic power.

Florence’s most magnificent splendour was during the XV Century, under the rule of the Medici Family. Since then, many artists visited the city and fallen in love with it.

We still can admire their paintings, sculptures and masterpieces such as the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, that attracts thousands of tourists every day, the Brunelleschi Cathedral, the Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, who is the protector saint of the city. It is covered in white Carrara Marble and Prato green.

The Uffizi Gallery, where is located the private collection of the Medici Family, composed by ancient statues and busts. This museum opened for its first time in 1591, and it is one of the most famous and visited gallery in the world.

In the museum are preserved the masterpieces of important painters and sculptors such as Botticelli, Giotto, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Goya, Tiziano, Mantegna, Raffaello and, in addition, many works by European painters: mostly German, Flemish and Dutch. The collections are from the XIV Century and Reinassance period.

Once you are in Florence, you have to visit also Palazzo Pitti and its beautiful and private Boboli Gardens. In the garden, you can find statues, the Museo degli Argenti, the Galleria del Costume and the Porcelain Museum.

Don’t miss the chance to visit also Palazzo Vecchio, the Medici Chapels, the National Museum of Bargello, the Academy Gallery.

Just as the artists of the past, you will fall in love with this incredible and unique city.

Tuscany trip what to visit: Pisa

Tuscany vacations Pisa

Pisa is an old city in Tuscany with Etruscan origins, which later became a Roman settlement. Thanks to the Roman colony, today there are many remains such as religious and civil buildings, streets and squares.

During the XI century, the city reached its most significant prestige as an important naval base and trade.

The Leaning Tower, or Pisa Tower, is undoubtedly the most important monument in Pisa and its main feature is the precarious leaning angle which attracts millions of tourists every year. It is the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Construction of the tower occurred in three stages over 199 years, from 1173 to 1319, when the seventh floor was completed. In this Tower, there are seven bells that represent the note of the major musical scale.

In Pisa you can also visit many other monuments such as the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria della Spina, and the ancient Church of S. Paolo a Ripa d’Arno. This one is an example of Roman architecture.

While you are in Pisa you should also visit the Borgo Stretto. It is the historical street of the city, where you can discover ancient buildings from the XIV and XV centuries. At the end of this street, there is Borgo Largo. These two “Borghi” are the main commercial areas of the city, full of shops and restaurants where you can taste some typical dish from Pisa.

Tuscany trip what to visit: Siena

Tuscany vacations Siena

Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, culture and the “Palio”, horse races held twice each year that attract many local and foreign people.

Siena, similar to Pisa, is an old and Etruscan city. This city reached its peak during the Middle Ages.

Today it is still possible to walk admiring the ancient narrow alleys and aristocratic buildings. If you go to Siena, then you have to visit the Cathedral, Piazza del Campo, where the Palio is located and where since the XIV century the economic and social life was built. The Civic Museum, holds a collection of masterpieces from the Tuscan artists. The Palazzo Pubblico is one of the civil buildings in Italy, and what makes it unique is its gothic shape.

If you are in Siena, make sure to visit the Salimbeni Palace, the Medicean Fortress, and many other historical places that will make you feel like in the Medieval Ages.

Tuscany trip what to visit: Lucca

Tuscany vacations Lucca

Lucca is famous for its Renaissance-era city walls, built between 1504 and 1645, and they are still intact.

The city acquired great importance during the XV century thanks to the art of silk, which became the main economic source.

Lucca is full of monuments, palaces, churches and museums full of stories. The Ducal Palace began its construction began in 1577 and continued until the XVIII Century. The National Museum of Palazzo Mansi and Villa Giunigi, the botanical garden, Museum of the Archaeology and the Lucca Cathedral.

Furthermore, Lucca Comics and Games festival is the largest European Festival dedicated to comics, videogames, movies and related genres that attracts many visitors from different Italian cities and around the world.

Tuscany trip what to visit: Arezzo

Tuscany vacations Arezzo

Arezzo is an old and medieval town. In the city centre you can find one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, Piazza Grande, surrounded by palaces, churches and towers, all of them built in different centuries.

The Cathedral of San Donato has a gothic style. Its construction began at the end of the XIV century and ended after three centuries.

Another church that is important and magnificent in Arezzo is the Basilica di San Francesco. It was built in the XIII century. The interior walls are decorated with Renaissance frescoes, made by Piero Della Francesca, one of the greatest painters during the Italian Renaissance art.

Passeggio del Prato Park is close to Piazza Grande and it is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing walk.

Tuscany trip when to visit

Any season is perfect to visit Tuscany. Each season has different colours and different attractions.

If you love swimming and beaches, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the Tuscany coasts. If your soul is more adventurous, you can enjoy the countryside, have a walk into nature and do some trekking and excursions. During this season it is better to avoid the city centre because it is crowded and hot.

Autumn in Tuscany is a dream. The changes in colours and the landscapes are impressive. The weather is perfect, not too warm and not too cold, to visit the city and enjoy a walk in the city centre. During this season there are also many wine and food tours where you will taste the original Tuscan products.

Winter in Tuscany is quite, not many tourists and more local people. Tuscany, in this season, can be very cold so after a cultural visit in the main cities as Florence, Siena or Pisa, you can relax in one of the many thermal baths around the Region. Don’t miss the Viareggio Carnival, one of the biggest Carnival parades in Europe and it lasts five days.

Spring, as well as autumn, is the perfect season to visit the countryside and explore the cities. The weather is warmer, the countryside blossoms and you can admire amazing landscapes.

Whatever season you choose, Tuscany is always ready to give you charming landscapes and unique emotions.

Tuscany trip: how to get there

There are many different ways to get Tuscany: car, train, plane or bus.

The choice of transportation depends on where you are leaving from. If you are in a Region close to Tuscany, then you can go by car, bus or train. Usually, these are the cheapest solutions.

If you are not close to this Region then, maybe, the best and quickest solution is the plane. The main airport is located in Florence but this could also be the most expensive way to reach Tuscany.

Tuscany trip: the perfect accommodation

During your trip to Tuscany you should enjoy the Italian lifestyle and to do so you need the best accommodation.

Only 10 miles away from Florence, there is a castle in Volognano. Its particular position is perfect for discovering the nearby city of Florence and at the same time to enjoy the typical Tuscan countryside.

In the castle, you will also taste wines and all the typical dishes and products from the Region.

The Volognano Castle is a magical place and it is perfect during any season of the year.

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Tuscany Travel Guide

Tuscany Tours

Tuscany travel Guide: why to visit the pearl of Italy

If you ever wondered why to visit Tuscany, well, we can answer to your question. Tuscany is a land full of beauties, from the pearl blue sea of the coast to the most wild countryside, from small medieval villages lost in the nature to the world-famous cities of art such as Florence, Siena and Pisa.

There is a lively mix of moods, atmospheres and different destinations where you will find for sure your new place of the heart in a holiday in Tuscany.


Follow us on this journey among the best travel tours in Tuscany to discover this wonderful place, unique on the earth.


Top 3 travel tours from Florence      

Best travel tours from Florence - Tuscany


1 The Best of Tuscany from Florence

Visit some of the most iconic place in Tuscany departing from Florence. This tour will take you to Siena visiting its wonderful Piazza del Campo and the Duomo.

After visiting Siena for lunch you will reach a real Tuscan wine estate in the Chianti area, here you can take a wine tasting, discovering its fantastic wines accompanied to delicious products of the region.

In the afternoon you will reach the beautiful medieval village of San Gimignano, where you will be free to explore the historic center of the town with a gelato.

Before returning in Florence the tour will head to Pisa and the iconic Leaning Tower.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Sightseeing Tour from Florence

This tour has three of the best things Tuscany has to offer; delicious food, wonderful vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

A full immersion in the beauty and the tastes of Chianti. This tour includes a wine tasting of the most Typical Chianti’s wines and local food, learn with an expert guide all the secrets of winemaking and discovery the cellars and the vineyards that make Chianti’s estates so unique.

For the afternoon you will escape from the chaos of the city and breathe fresh air in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Walking Tour with visit to David & Uffizi Gallery

This walking tour will make you discover some of the most iconic works of art that Florence keeps inside.

Save your time and skip the long rows to enter to Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.

These two places preserves the most beautiful works of the Italian Renaissance such as Michelangelo’s David, preserved in the Accademia Gallery, and all the paintings by Caravaggio, Leonardo and Botticelli that you can admire walking through Uffizzi Gallery.

This tour will lead you to Florence historic center and its marvellous galleries, while an expert guide teaches you all the stories behind this fantastic works of art and their great artist.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Siena

Best travel tours from Siena - tuscany


1 Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Tuscany

Admire Tuscany from a different point of view, seeing from a Hot Air balloon flight the best landscapes that this land has to gift you.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of Chianti hills, flying over ancient villages, rustic villas nestled in the countryside and wonderful vineyards and olive groves.

This tour takes you from Siena to a 1-hour flight over Tuscany, and upon landing you can enjoy a glass of wine, celebrating this wonderful experience.

Admire all the beauty of Tuscany from a different point of view with this magical air-tour.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 San Gimignano and Volterra Day Trip

Discover the medieval beauty of Tuscany on a tour from Siena to the wonderful villages of San Gimignano and Volterra.

Leaving from Siena, you will explore San Gimignano, famous for its medieval towers and the city wall that surrounds the village.

Enjoy a typical lunch in a local farm and then reach Volterra, a beautiful village renowned for the extraction and processing of alabaster, that you can admire in a dedicated workshop as part of this tour. After visiting Volterra the tour ends returning to Siena city center.

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore and discover all the charm and the history of Tuscany.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Chianti and Castle Tour

Discover the wine region of Chianti and all its magic atmosphere with this afternoon tour from Siena.

On this tour you will visit two beautiful local estates, where tasting wines and oils you can discover all the flavours of the Tuscan countryside. Here you will learn about the art of winemaking in Chianti, discovering all the love that locals have for their products.

After visiting the estates the tour leads to the medieval village of Monteriggioni, where you have free time to take a walk and explore its historic alleys.

Explore all the beauty of Chianti with this tour.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Pisa

Best travel tours from Pisa - tuscany


1 Full-Day San Gimignano, Siena & Chianti Tour from Pisa

Enjoy a tour of Tuscan cities and villages in this day-trip from Pisa. The first leg of this tour is a visit to San Gimignano and its beautiful medieval towers, exploring all the beauty of this village. Then you will have a lunch with typical Tuscan dishes accompanied with the wines of the area.

After tasting the delights of Tuscany the tour leads to the beautiful Siena for a tour in the historical city center visiting Piazza del Campo and Duomo.

The tour ends with a visit to the medieval fortress of Monteriggioni and then you return to Pisa.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Tuscan Hills Wine Tasting

Make an half-day trip in the countryside exploring the hills of Chianti and their wonderful products. From the center of Pisa this tour leads to Chianti for a visit to local farmhouses and estates where you will learn more about this land and winemaking process.

After hearing all the story behind these products you can taste them in the winery of the estate relaxing in this wonderful postcard scenario.

This tour is perfect to spend an afternoon discovering the true essence of Tuscany.

Click here for more info about this tour! 


3 Pisa and Leaning Tower Family Tour

Tuscany is full of beautiful places and buildings to admire and you want the most from your visit in this magic land. This tour is the perfect one day-trip to Pisa, for families or simply for those who want to avoid stress and long lines in front of the monuments.

Skip the line to visit the iconic Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the Duomo in the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli. Learn all the history behind these monuments with an expert guide that will lead you inside the wonder of Pisa.

Have the best from your visit to Pisa, avoiding stress and waitings.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Livorno        

best travel tours from livorno tuscany

1 Shore Excursion to Florence And Pisa

Leave from the beautiful sea town of Livorno and make a tour full of art in the heart of Tuscany, to Florence and Pisa.

A bus will first take you to Florence to discover the squares and the buildings that make this city famous in all the world. Visit the Duomo and admire Michelangelo’s David inside the Accademia Gallery. Your Florentine trip ends with a tasting of wines and local products.

After this magical visit to Florence the tour leads to Pisa, where you can admire one of the most iconic monuments in the world, the famous Leaning Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli.

This tour makes you cross Tuscany discovering all its art.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Excursion from Livorno to Volterra and San Gimignano

This tour from Livorno makes you discover all the medieval charm of Tuscany in one day.

Leaving from the coast you will reach two of the most fascinating villages in Tuscany, famous for their history and the ancient atmosphere preserved here. The travel itself is a wonder, driving through the coast end entering the countryside with its landscapes and beautiful villages immersed in the nature.

After visiting San Gimignano and its towers the tour heads to Volterra, renowned for its medieval fortress and the Etruscan rests preserved here.

With this tour you will fall in love with the historical beauties of Tuscany and its enchanting villages.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Chianti Classico Tour with Lunch from Livorno

Discover all the flavours of Tuscany with this tour from Livorno to the hills of Chianti.

In this day-trip you will discover Chianti area and its delicious products, tasting and learning about the process behind Chianti wine in a local estate visiting its cellars.

Chianti is full of wonderful wineries  and visiting one of them is a magic experience.

A light lunch of typical Tuscan products accompanies the wine tasting of local wines produced here.

This tour makes you discover all the authentic flavours of Tuscany in a wonderful day-trip in Chianti.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Lucca

travel tours from lucca


1 Siena and San Gimignano full day from Lucca

Take a day to discover two of the most historical cities in Tuscany, in a tour from Lucca to the medieval charm of Siena and San Gimignano.

Visit San Gimignano and its medieval towers making a walk in the alleys of this beautiful village immersed in history. Go to Siena to admire its wonderful Cathedral and all the decorations inside of it that makes the “Duomo” famous in all Italy for its beauty.

Then for lunch make a trip to Chianti Classico, discovering this magical land and its products, tasting wines and oils in a local winery. This Tuscan lunch will make you enjoy all the Flavours of Tuscany.

This tour is perfect to leave Lucca for a day and discover the heart of Tuscany.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Lucca Bike and Wine

Take a bike, a good day of sun and the magic of the Tuscan countryside, this tour will make you explore Tuscany in a new way.

This tour provides you all you need for this perfect trip, a high-quality bike, an expert guide and a route to follow exploring the countryside of Lucca.

Ride your bike to several beautiful wine estates that you meet on your route, taste local products and enjoy all the postcard landscapes that you can admire from your bike.

Explore Lucca and Tuscany in a different way with this bike tour from Lucca.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Lucca Walking Tour

Tuscany is a land full of surprises and often you need a closer look to admire all the beautiful things here, making you sure to not miss anything.

This walking tour in Lucca let you discover the town and its most important and interesting buildings, such as Torre Giunigi, the Cathedral and the main square, followed by an expert guide that will make you learn more about this little jewel of Tuscany.

Walk along these streets, that preserve all their antique atmosphere with buildings and towers that will bring you back in the time.

This tour is perfect to give the most from your visit in Lucca, admiring all the beauty that this town has to gift you.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Arezzo  

   best travel tours from arezzo tuscany

1 Tuscan Tour from Arezzo

This tour will take you into a full Tuscan experience leaving from Arezzo. Visit castles, farmhouses and churches nestled in the countryside of Arezzo, discovering from inside this beautiful land.

Food, wines and history immersed in the wonderful landscapes of the countryside. On this tour you can visit beautiful estates tasting their local products during a typical Tuscan lunch.

All tours are customized depending on seasons, products and places to visit, letting you discover Tuscany in the best way you can.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Arezzo Walking Tour

Also visiting a little town as Arezzo needs some organization, and this tour makes you explore the town in all its beauties with a walking tour in Arezzo among its most interesting monuments.

On this tour an expert guide will tell you all about the history of this town and the masterpieces of art preserved here walking in the center and visiting churches and monuments that have little to envy to the most famous places of Tuscany.

This tour is perfect for an afternoon discovering Arezzo and its beauties learning all about its history.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Full Day Siena Tour from Arezzo

Leave Arezzo for a full day trip to Siena, admiring all the medieval charm of this town.

This tour will take you from Arezzo to the wonderful Siena, visiting Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, that preserves inside treasures of medieval and Renaissance art.

After your visit to Siena the tour will lead to San Gimignano, where you have free time to explore the city and chose where to lunch among restaurants and typical taverns. Stroll in the alleys of this wonderful medieval village eating a gelato and discover a place where seems that time has stopped in the medieval age.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Grosseto

best travel tours from grosseto

1 Giglio & Giannutri Islands Mini Cruise

Grosseto has some of the most wonderful seas of Tuscany, and in this tour you will explore two islands of unique charm near Grosseto. Leave from Porto Santo Stefano on a mini cruise that will take you to two pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio and Giannutri islands.

In this paradise surrounded by blue sea and the wild nature of the near coast you will discover a different and less note side of Tuscany.

Cruising among this wonderful scenario you can take a light lunch on board, enjoying all the flavors of this corner of Tuscany.

This tour in the Tuscan Archipelago is perfect to discover a new part of Tuscany on its breathtaking coast.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Bike sunset tour

On this tour you will discover the beautiful coast of Tuscany riding a e-bike through a route that will make you admire wonderful landscapes.

Leave at late afternoon for a bike trip on natural paths that offers you all the wild nature of the Tyrrenian sea from the Tuscan coast :you will bring home fabulous photos of the view framed by the vegetation of this unique place.

This tour near Grosseto is perfect for those who wants to view Tuscany and its coast at the best hour of the day, taking pictures of unforgettable views.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Grosseto walking tour

Grosseto has wonderful coasts and beaches, but the town itself is a treasure of art and history that you can’t miss on you holiday in the Tuscan coast.

This walking tour in Grosseto leads to its beautiful historic center, where an expert guide will introduce you to the story of the town and all the monuments you will visit on this trip.

In Grosseto there are interesting religious monuments such as its Cathedral and the S. Francis Church. Entering the Church and its cloister you will admire the walls of the town, built at the time of Medici’s to protect the town from enemies.

This tour is perfect to spend a morning learning more about Grosseto and its wonderful history.

Click here for more info about this tour!


Top 3 travel tours from Massa Carrara  

best travel tours from massa carrara   

1 Carrara Marble Tour

Carrara is famous in all the world for its shining withe marble used for the most fantastic statues, buildings and works of art of Italian Renaissment.

Admire the marble caves and learn more about this unique material. At the museum an expert guide will show you what makes so special this marble and all the works of art born from here.

In the caves and the museum you can also enjoy some artistic workshop whit Carrara marble.

This tour is perfect to discover the roots of the most impressive and famous works of art that makes Tuscany famous in all the world.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Massa and Carrara Marble tour

Massa and Carrara are two different cities, near and bonded by their territory. Carrara preserves a Medieval charm and is known for its beautiful marble. Massa has a more Renaissance history due to the government of Malaspina family in 16th century.

After a visit of these two cities and their main monuments the tour will lead to their impressive marble caves driving through dirt paths while an expert guide will explain you the techniques for the extraction and the processing of the white gold of this territory.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Trekking in Versilia

Discover the other side of the Tuscan coast, exploring the wild nature hidden here.

That’s the perfect tour for hiker and nature lovers, walking in the Apuan Alps and enjoying the beautiful landscapes you can admire from here.

Get in touch with the uncontaminated nature of Tuscany on this itinerary of 3 hours immersed in the countryside. At the middle of the trip reach a delightful osteria built on the river shore and have a typical lunch with delicious local products.

This tour is the perfect way to live the nature of Tuscany in its wilder and less known spots.

Click here for more info about this tour!



Top 3 travel tours from Pistoia

1 Siena and Chianti Countryside Tour from Pistoia

This tour from Pistoia takes you in the heart of Tuscany, discovering the beauties of Siena and the near Chianti countryside. First leg of this tour is the enchanting village of San Gimignano, famous for its towers and medieval architectures.

After visiting San Gimignano the tour leads to Chianti countryside ant its beautiful vineyards. Here you will reach a local winery, where you can taste in a light lunch Vernaccia, Chianti Classico and olive oil produced in the estate.

The last stop of this tour will be the wonderful Siena and its monuments. Walk in Piazza del Campo and visit the Duomo with an expert guide that will tell you all the history and the charm of this town.

This tour from Pistoia will make you fall in love with Siena and the Tuscan countryside.

Click here for more info about this tour!


2 Florence tour from Pistoia

A marvellous tour will take you from Pistoia to Florence, the pearl of Tuscany.

Fall in love with the city walking in Piazza della Signoria with an expert guide that will tell you all its fascinating history.

Visit the Uffizi Gallery, the artistic heart of Florence, a wonderful museum where the Renaissance art of Florence takes life in some of the most iconic works of art preserved here by Botticelli, Leonardo, Caravaggio and moreover.

This tour is perfect to leave Pistoia for an afternoon discovering Florence and its art.

Click here for more info about this tour!


3 Ultralight Flight Tour from Pistoia

This tour is one of a kind. An adventurous experience that takes you from Pistoia to the sky over the Tuscan countryside.

Discover Tuscany by the sky flying for thirty minutes over the Chianti area with a professional pilot and let you carry by the wonder of this place.

Passing over abbeys, farmhouses and natural reserves you will have a unique experience in this tour from Pistoia to Chianti.

Click here for more info about this tour!



An enchanting accommodation for your unforgettable Tuscan tour

Best accomodation in TuscanyTuscany is a unique land, where you can travel from sea to mountains, from the countryside to the most beautiful cities of art in the world. If you want to take the best from your tour in Tuscany is important to have the right accommodation.

Volognano is a wonderful Castle near Florence, immersed in acres of vineyards and olive groves.

Here in Volognano you have all the charm of the Tuscan countryside staying near to the beauties of Florence and its fabulous buildings and works of art. Discover the heart of Chianti and it’s products and leave for you magical tour among all the wonderful destinations that Tuscany has to offer.

In the castle you will find the perfect accommodation for your holiday in Tuscany, near the city and far from the crowd, enjoying only the best from this magical land.



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Rome to Tuscany

How far is Tuscany from Rome

Italy is a country full of fantastic cities and to reach its most beautiful and fascinating areas is certainly something magical to do on your holiday.

Rome is the capital of Italy, a metropolis where its locals and the many tourists spending their holidays here walk around seeing every day some of the most beautiful historical monuments in the world.

You can’t miss on your trip to Italy Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna only to name a few.

After visiting Rome you can spend a few days visiting other cities and regions of Italy, and reaching Tuscany from Rome is the ideal solution to enrich your holiday with unique experiences.


But “how far is Tuscany from Rome?

Well it depends on your interests and on the experience you want from Tuscany.


Here some distances between Rome and some of the best places to visit in Tuscany:

Florence from Rome: 168 mi / 270 km

Siena from Rome: 143 mi / 230 km

Pisa from Rome: 158 mi / 255 km

Chianti from Rome: 168 mi / 270 km

Tuscan coast from Rome: 99 mi / 159 km


Rome to Tuscany by train

Moving by train in Italy is a wonderful way to travel and discover new places passing among mountains valleys and all the natural landscape that this beautiful country offers.

If you want to reach Tuscany from Rome by train you have to know that in Italy there are two main companies, Trenitalia and Italo.

Trenitalia offers two options for your travels:

  • frecciarossa trains, high-speed trains that make fewer stops and ride from the most important cities of Italy,
  • regional trains, that make more stops riding through little villages and less important stations in the countryside.

Italo offers only high-speed trains that will fastly take you from Rome to Florence.

If you want to travel from Rome to Florence by train you have several options that will allow you to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany, with all its monuments and attractions.


From Rome to Florence by train

High-speed trains such as Italo and Frecciarossa will take you from the two main stations of Rome, Tiburtina and Termini, to the central station of Florence, Firenze Santa Maria Novella.

The travel time of these trains is about one hour and a half and they will take you directly to Florence, not making stops between the two cities.


Regional trains from Rome to Florence travel passing through cities and small villages of central Italy.

This solution is cheaper and slower than high-speed train, but gives you the chance to see from the windows of your train all the countryside of Lazio and Tuscany and their charming small cities.

The travel time is about three hours and a half, that allows you to admire with calm all the shades of the landscape during your travel.

If you have time, we suggest you to take a regional train to reach Florence, it will be an immersing experience in the Tuscan countryside.


From Rome to Florence by train

High speed trains: 1h 30min

Regional trains: 3h 30min


from rome to florence by train

From Rome to Siena by train

Siena is a beautiful town, rich in art and monuments in the heart of Tuscany.

If you want to reach Siena from Rome taking a train is a good option.

High-speed trains don’t reach Siena, so the only way to arrive in this city from Rome is by regional trains of Trenitalia.

This travel requires a connecting train, so the travel time depends a lot on the time of waiting at the station.

There are different stations where the train changes, depending on the time of departure from Rome.

From Roma Termini to Siena the average travel time is 3h 20min.


From Rome to Pisa by train

Pisa is famous worldwide for its leaning tower and Piazza dei Miracoli.

All the beautiful monuments and buildings in this square worth a visit to this town.

Reaching Pisa from Rome by train is easy, regional trains departs daily from the stations Roma Termini and Roma Ostiense.

The train will stop a few times during its journey, reaching Pisa Centrale in about 2h 50min.


From Rome to Chianti by train

Chianti is one of the most suggestive areas in Tuscany, vineyards and olive groves gives to this place a unique charm.

In this area you will discover the tastes of Tuscany, visiting wineries  and tasting the unique wines produced on these fields.

If you want to reach Chianti from Rome the best solution is by train and bus.

You can easily reach Florence or Siena by train and then make a tour visiting Chianti countryside and its wineries in a fantastic wine tour.

The travel time depends on the tour you want to make and the villages that you will visit on the journey.


From Rome to Tuscan Coast by train

From rome to tuscan coast by train

Tuscany is not only wonderful works of art and monuments, there are also beautiful beaches along the coast.

We selected three of them for your sea journey in Tuscany, Argentario, Follonica and Forte dei Marmi.

Reach the Tuscan Coast from Rome by train will not take so long, traveling from the Eternal City to the blue sea of Tuscany in a few hours.


From Rome to Argentario you have to take the regional train for Pisa and get off at Orbetello station, here you can take a bus for Port Ercole that will leave you at Argentario in about half an hour.

Traveling time from Rome: 3h


From Rome to Follonica there is a regional train that will take you here without any changes, it departs from Roma Ostiense and stops at Follonica station.

From the station you can then reach the beaches of the coast by bus with a ride of about ten minutes.

Traveling time from Rome: 2h 30 min


From Rome to Forte dei Marmi and Versilia coast is a longer travel but the time of journey worths the visit to one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany.

You can take the train to Pisa Stazione Centrale departing from Roma Ostiense or Termini, once arrived at Pisa you have to take the train for La Spezia and get off at Forte dei Marmi station.

From the station you can take a bus that in about ten minutes will take you at the beach.

Traveling time from Rome: 3h 30min



Rome to Tuscany by bus

From rome to tuscany by bus

Reach Tuscany from Rome by bus is the cheapest way to travel and discover this wonderful region. In Italy there are several private companies that drive in all the country with their buses.

One of these companies is Flixbus, famous in all Europe for its low cost rides.

Buses are of course slower than trains, but they are a smart solution for your journeys.

In Rome the main station for private buses is Roma Tiburtina, from here departs the main part of the rides for other region, including Tuscany.


From Rome to Florence by bus

Reach Tuscany from Rome by bus is the cheapest way to travel and discover this wonderful region. In Italy there are several private companies that drive in all the country with their buses.

One of these companies is Flixbus, famous in all Europe for its low cost rides.

Buses are of course slower than trains, but they are a smart solution for your journeys.

In Rome the main station for private buses is Roma Tiburtina, from here departs the main part of the rides for other region, including Tuscany.


From Rome to Siena by bus

Traveling with a bus to one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany is not difficult.

Everyday from Roma Tiburtina several buses departs to Siena that will take you directly to the city center.

The average travel time is 2h 50min.


From Rome to Pisa by bus

Reaching Pisa from Rome with a bus is a longest but cheapest alternative to trains. From Roma Tiburtina you can take a bus that will take you to Pisa passing through Siena and Florence.

The bus will leave you to Pisa Pietrasantina car park, less then a mile far from Duomo and the Leaning Tower.

You can cover this distance on foot taking a walk among the streets of the city or take a bus that in a few minutes will reach the city center.

The average travel time is 5 hours, but depending on the route of the journey it can change from four to six hours.


From Rome to Tuscan Coast by bus

From rome to tuscan coast

Traveling with buses you can reach the beautiful Tuscan Coast and its beaches.

From Rome you can leave for Follonica and Versilia with a bus and enjoy your sea holiday in Tuscany.

You can reach the tuscan sea of Follonica from Rome with Flixbus and its buses departing frome Roma Termini, Vatican City and Roma Tiburtina.

From Roma Termini and Vatican City the route requires a transfer to another bus at Rome Fiumicino and the travel time is about 5 hours.

From Roma Tiburtina the journey doesn’t require transfers and the bus will take you directly to Follonica station.

The travel time is 4h 30min and from here you can take a public bus that will reach the beach in about ten minutes.

There is only one daily bus from each station and departs in the early morning, between 7:45 and 8:30 depending on the station.

If you want to reach other wonderful sea locations in Tuscany by bus the travel will be longer and challenging, but the destination worth it.

Departing from Roma Tiburtina you can reach Viareggio and the Versilia coast with a bus that will take 10 hours and 30 minutes.

Our suggestion for this road is to take a train, faster and less challenging, unless you are an expert traveler used to long routes.



Rome to Tuscany by car

From rome to tuscany car

Traveling with a car, yours or rental ones, will make your holiday definitely more independent and free from schedules.

If you travel with your own car you will be free to leave in every moment for a new adventure.

If you want to drive through Italy to reach a new destination for your holiday but you left your car at home you can rent one from the various companies that you can find to the airport or the main train stations.

Driving from Rome to Tuscany is easy and the travel will not require too mutch time. Once left the traffic of the city the road should be clear from jams, unless you leave in high season during August.


Following the Highway A1, the main highway in Italy that connects Milan to Naples, you can reach the main cities of Tuscany.

Here some average travel times with A1 route from Rome to Tuscany by car (depending on traffic):

Florence: 2h 40min – 4h

Siena: 2h 20min – 3h 30min

Pisa and Lucca: 3h 30min – 5h 10min


After visiting those cities you can go for a trip in the countryside, like in Chianti or Montalcino,

Visiting the Tuscan countryside from Florence and Siena is not a long journey, from Florence to Chianti by car is only 40 minutes and from Siena to Montalcino about 50 minutes.


If you want to leave from Rome make a tour in the Coast and the beaches of Tuscany the road for you is the E80, a big European route that in its italian part follows all the Tuscan coast, passing near the wonderful Argentario, through Follonica, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, giving you the chance to drive along the coast and stop to the sea location that most inspires you.


The average travel time from Rome to this beautiful beaches are:

Argentario: 1h 50min – 3h

Follonica: 2h 30min – 4h

Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi: 3h 30min – 5h


Reaching Tuscany from Rome by car will be an experience of freedom traveling through some of the best places in Italy.



Rome to Tuscany, the perfect day trip

rome to tuscany day trip

Escaping from the city and its chaos for a day could be a wonderful idea, and what’s better than a day trip to relax and discover new wonderful places?

From Rome it’s easy to plan the perfect day trip to Tuscany, where you can find a complete experience of beauty, from the landscapes you can admire in the countryside to the works of art preserved in Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Tuscany is full of beautiful cities and monuments that make this land the perfect destination of your trip, check our article to find some inspiration.

Whether you want to explore the city or the countryside, Tuscany is full of surprises and wonderful experiences to live. You can plan this fantastic trip from Rome to Tuscany by your own or check the several guided tours you can find online.

The beauty of guided tours is that they can take you to more hidden and characteristic corners like the countryside, thanks to their buses and local guides, making you easily discover unique places in Tuscany.

If you decide to plan by your own chose a transportation, pick one of the beautiful destinations we described before and leave for your Tuscan day.

If you want to take part of a guided tour, choose wisely between all the different routes and experiences they have to offer.



Where to stay in the heart of Tuscany: the wonder of Volognano

Castle accomodation in Tuscany chianti

After visiting Rome and its timeless beauty Tuscany is the perfect destination to complete your journey in Italy.

If you want to discover the heart of this beautiful land Chianti is a must see; getting lost in the expanses of vineyards and olive groves in front of you, stroll among castles and farmhouses nestled on the hills of this beautiful area.

Moreover Chianti area makes Tuscany famous in all the world for the finest wines produced in its fields, and taste them in the most suggestive wineries will be an unforgettable experience.


Volognano is a wonderful castle in Chianti, it’s an historical building of great charm, a wine estate that produces its wines from the vineyards of the property and, especially, is a beautiful accommodation in the Tuscan countryside, where you can stay with all the comforts living the true essence of Tuscany.

Reaching Volognano isn’t difficult, it’s only 10 miles from Florence and, if you don’t have a car, it’s served with buses and shuttles that will take you to this wonder.

Driving from Rome to Florence you can easily arrive in Volognano following the route for Florence, the A1 highway.

If you want to stay in Volognano without a car there are no problems, you can reach Florence with trains or buses and then take a bus or shuttle that will take you to this wonderful castle.


Discovering Tuscany from its most beautiful and suggestive area, tasting wines and staying in this castle with its countless beauties is one of the most authentic experiences you can live on your journey in Italy.



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Top 5 wine tasting tours in Tuscany

The list of the top tasting tours in Tuscany region

If you love wine and you want to travel among beautiful landscapes in the countryside, Tuscany is the place for you. Tuscany is famous all over the world for its fine wines like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vinsanto and moreover, each area has its specialty and produces it with passion for centuries.

In Tuscany you will feel wine in a new way, you will immerse yourself in its countryside and in the beautiful landscapes that surround it, you will venture into castles medieval villages, ancients farmhouses and estates living a unique experience among the best wineries that preserve all the taste of this land.

In Tuscany the excellent wineries are many and to not miss anything the best way to taste the best wines is to take a tour of these magnificent places, starting from the city they will take you to these unique places giving you the chance to taste their wines.

To help you in the discovery of the fantastic world of wine in Tuscany we have prepared our list of the top tasting tours in Tuscany region, a journey from Florence and Siena to the best wine estates of the countryside.


Wine Tour from Florence

best tasting tours in tuscany

This tours takes you in one of the most beautiful and charming area of Tuscany, Chianti, in a wine tasting tour from Florence that takes you away from the chaos of the city to discover the best wines of the splendid Tuscan countryside.

On this afternoon trip you will visit the medieval villages of Greve and Castellina, enchanting places where to get lost in their ancient alleys and churches. Here the wine culture is everywhere, in bars and restaurants, in the streets and even in museums, indeed in Greve there is the Wine Museum, where you can discover the history and tradition of wine in Tuscany, admiring its ancient instruments and learning the secrets of winemaking.

Among this Chianti tour you will visit two different wineries and taste up to 10 wines produced here, hearing the stories of their magical vineyards and the process that leads to these fantastic wines.

At the end of the tour you will visit Castellina, a medieval village famous for its the archeological sites, here you will find medieval fortress and Etruscan ruins that will bring you back in time.

This tour will pick you up from the center of Florence to take you in the wonderful countryside of Chianti, with expanses of vineards and olive groves that surrounds wonderful and ancients estates.

Here you can visit wineries and cellars tasting their wines with some local products, with an expert tour guide that will explain you the fantastic art of winemaking and the products you are tasting.

This tour is perfect for a relaxing afteroon far from the city, tasting fine wines and discovering incredible places.


Click here for more info about this tour!



Wine Tour in Siena

best tasting tours near siena

In this tour you will taste some of the best wines in Tuscany in a place of unique charm, Castello di Ama, a castle of 1300 near Siena that produces its wines respecting its land and the tradition of winemaking in this area. The castle is nestled in hills of vineyard and from there you can admire breathtaking views of the tuscan countryside.

Back in 1700 the castle was famous in this area as wine estate, that during the time has been abandoned by its previous propriety. In the 70s a group of families of the area restored the castle to its former glory bringing back the art of winemaking in the cellars and wineries of this charming castle nestled in the Tuscan countryside.

In this castle you will discover wine in a new and special way. The castle and its magnificent cellars are the backdrop for exhibitions and installations of modern art, involving international artists who decide to exhibit their works in this very special location. The result is a path that mixes art and wine, history and modernity together, giving a unique background to the wine tasting tour you will be doing in the castle.

This estate in the heart of Chianti Classico wants to teach and preserve the art of winemaking and hand down it to the next generations giving the chance to discover this world in a new way.

The visit to Castello di Ama takes to all the historical buildings of this estate, the village of Ama and its chapel, the villas in it and their beautiful gardens. Then you will admire the winery, ageing cellar and vinification plant, tasting and learning the secrets of the wines in this castle.

A wine tasting tour in Castello di Ama is an experience that involves art, history and wine, discovering Tuscany in a new way.

Click here for more info about this tour!

Wine Tour in Chianti

An unexpected and unique location for one of the most famous wineries of the Chianti Classico, that of the Marchesi Antinori. Antinori’s makes wine from 26 generation, carrying on tradition and love for this land and its products.

Inside an architectural structure with a modern and innovative design, the whole history of this family is preserved. Through barrels, ceramics and presses it will be possible to read the history of winemaking and how it has evolved until today. Art is an important part of this winery and it will accompany you in this journey. In the winery are exhibited works of classic and modern art, such as ceramics of 1500 along with contemporary exhibitions that creates the background for this unique experience.

Follow the passion of this family for wine and discover the history behind their bottles. Visiting Antinori’s winery you can discover its most suggestive places, such as Bottaia and Barricaia Tour, walking through spaces of unique beauty and understanding the love for winemaking that follows this family from centuries.

The winery proposes tasting tours suitable for each guest, opening the doors of its most characteristic rooms and taking you inside the history of the family and the philosophy of their secular art of winemaking. After the visit and the tastings you can take with you these wonderful wines buying them at the enoteca, a wine shop where you will find all the best Antinori’s wines and local products produced in the Tuscan estates of the family.

This fantastic building dedicated to wine is enriched with a restaurant at the top of the winery, where you can taste the traditional Tuscan dishes and from which you can admire the splendid panorama of the Chianti hills.

The Antinori winery tasting tours are the perfect place to learn about curiosities and secrets of winemaking through a passion that lasts for centuries.

Click here for more info about this tour!


best tasting tours in chianti 


 Wine tour in Montepulciano

photo: salcheto.itOn the beautiful hills near Siena, Salcheto produces wines with a philosophy of eco-sustainability, in respect of nature and territory in which it is produced.

This estate near Montepulciano has made innovation its strong point, a young company that believes a lot in its way of producing. During the visit to the winery you will discover all the work and the technics behind its bottles, learning more about sustainability and territory.

Salcheto is deeply involved in being responsible of this products and their impact on the environment, indeed in 2011 Salcheto is the first wine company in the world that calculated and certified the carbon footprint of each bottle produced here.

Relax admiring the beautiful view of the countryside and taste the wines of this modern estate meeting the new generation of winemaker in Tuscany and finding a new way to produce. If you are interested in sustainability and environment, this is the place for you.

In the tasting tour the wines are accompanied with local food, all produced here in the estate, and in the restaurant you can taste more of their genuine products enjoying the dishes from typical Tuscan cuisine and more, all prepared with local products of the estate and the nearbies lands, like cheese, meat and oil. Then in the enoteca inside the estate you will find on sale all the best wines produced by Salcheto.

Visiting Salcheto with its tasting tour is the best way to discover a new horizont for wine and food in Tuscany, respecting and loving the territory that you will admire from there.


Click here for more info about this tour!


best tasting tours near pisa


Wine Tour in Pisa

The winery of Poggio al Casone overlooks the Tyrrenian coast from a castle nestled in the hills of Pisa countryside. In this magnificient historical building you will find all the beauties of winemaking in Tuscany, easily reachable from Pisa and Siena. Walking between the vineyard rows you can watch all the process, from grapes to the bottle.

In this estate vineyard are growth in respect for the territory, with organic methods and in the most natural way possible. This production, respectful and in symbiosis with the field, leads to a more genuine and natural wine, capable to enhance the quality of the territory.

This area is near the sea and its position, different from the more central Chianti area, reflects on the taste and the variety of the wines here produced. From its vineyard you will enjoy beautiful views that embraces all tuscan landscapes, from the hilly countryside to the coast.

This winery is a meeting between ancient and modern, in the newest cellar you will learn the modern methods of winemaking and the actual technics and processes used by the estate, the older cellar has been preserved and restored to a place where you can admire all the history and passion of this estate for winemaking. Now the oldest cellars are the beautiful setting for tastings and tours, where guests can finally enjoy all the flavors of these wines.

These tours and visits are available from march to november and booking is required. Depending on the season of the visit you will admire the different phases and the work behind each bottle produced here.

Poggio al Casalone is a wonderful estate, perfect to discover the wines of the tuscan coastal area. Here you will find that winemaking is everywhere in Tuscany and each area has its particularities worth visiting.


Click here for more info about this tour!


Click here for more info about this tour!



Volognano: the best accommodation for an amazing wine tour experience 

best accomodation wine holiday in tuscany

If you are looking for a wine holiday in Chianti, one of the most wonderful areas of Tuscany, you need the right accomodation where to start your journey among the best wine tours in Tuscany.

Volognano is a castle of the 1100 near Florence, immersed in vineyards and olive groves giving you the opportunity to stay in an accommodation engaged in the wonderful art of winemaking.

The castle makes its own wine from the lands around the estate and the production includes IGT Chianti Colli Fiorentini, grappa, Vin Santo and Extra Virgin Oil. A complete journey among the excellent products of Tuscany, that you can taste and enjoy in this wonderful castle.

The vineyards that surround the castle and the winery inside it makes this estate perfect to truly discover and understand Tuscan wines. Staying in Volognano you can have your tailored tasting tour, living an amazing wine tour experience with the best wines of the estate and unforgettable dishes preparred by the chef of the castle

In Volognano you can taste wines and local products, know how to perfectly pair wines and food and learn to cook the best tuscan recipes at the cooking classes making a dive into this fantastic land and its flavors.

Moreover, the castle is a charming accommodation for your holidays in Tuscany. Relax swimming into the pool surrounded by lemon trees, stroll in the Italian garden around the castle or simply stay in one of its rooms finely furnished with antiques decors.


In Volognano you have the opportunity to feel and live a wine estate as if it were yours, living your best Tuscan holiday in a wonderful castle in Chianti.



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Forecast in Tuscany

Weather in Tuscany : chose your best season to visit the pearl of Italy

Tuscany and its wonders are a special sight 365 days a year, but every season and its weather offer nuances and colors that will make your visit unique and special. Follow us to find out more about the best time to visit Tuscany and how to better prepare yourself for your journey.


Summer in Tuscany

summer in tuscany

Summer is the best time to visit the coasts and the beautiful beaches of Tuscany. For a seaside vacation there are wonderful spots like Argentario, Forte dei Marmi and Isola d’Elba; you will surely find your corner of paradise between these and many other spots.

Summer in Tuscany is not only sandy beaches and sea, for the more adventurous Tuscany is also the perfect place for trekking and excursions to discover nature and its beauties in the mountains, ideal to take some fresh air during the hot summer. Among the most interesting routes there are certainly the peaks of the Apuan Alps, excursions in the Apennines or, closer to the city, the trek that follows the medieval ring that encircles Florence.

For those looking for relax, the hills and the countryside are the ideal place to find it. Walking around in the nature or discovering typical Tuscan products, the countryside is ideal for slowing down the pace and enjoying a peaceful holiday. The best accommodation? A villa with a swimming pool where you can refresh and fully enjoy this Tuscan summer

In the months of July and August we suggest you avoid the city, too crowded and hot to walk around and discover it at best, preferring other destinations. During this season the temperatures are hot and reach up to 95-100 ° F, which is why the climate is perfect for cooling off at the sea or immersed in nature.

Tuscany weather in June

Usually the weather in June seems weird. It is characterized by warm temperatures and thunderstorms during the afternoon. In June the average temperatures are between 25-30o C during the day and 15-20o C at night. So at night the weather is cooler, it will be better if you bring with you a jacket.

Tuscany weather in July

July is one of the hottest months in Tuscany. Sometimes the temperature ranging between 28-35o C. At night fortunately it is less hot but still with high temperature, between 22-27o C.

If you are looking for sunny hot days to spend at the beach or by the pool, then July is the perfect month to visit Tuscany.

Tuscany weather in August

August is the other month of the year that is really warm. During this month usually doesn’t rain. If you want to spend your holidays to the seaside in this month you can enjoy the Tuscan costs. All you need is to lay under the sun, get tan and get some vitamin D.

Winter in Tuscany

In winter Tuscany becomes quieter. The great cities of art like Florence, Siena and Pisa are empty of the tourists who had crowded it in the summer, becoming easier to visit. The temperature gets colder and you may have to bring an umbrella, but the magic of Tuscany remains in all its glory.

In winter you will find more locals in the streets, and you will have a magic experience with the city you visit. However, there is the risk that museums and churches reduce the days or hours of opening since we are in low season. It is very important to better organize your visit and check online the opening times. Not only cities, winter is also perfect for relax visiting the numerous thermal baths and hot springs like Bagni di San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni. Val d’Orcia, near Siena, is a valley famous for its thermal waters. Taking a hot bath here, surrounded by the wild nature, is a unique experience.  Not only relax but also fun, every winter in Viareggio, in the province of Lucca, there is an event that amazes and amuses everyone. Viareggio Carnival is one of the most famous and characteristic with its magical carnival floats parade, the biggest in all Europe. Five days of fun where typical sweets, masks and music create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Winter in Italy can be quite cold, so we recommend wearing a heavy jacket and take whit you an umbrella, avarage temperature is 37-40 F° but it can go lower than that.

Tuscany weather in December

December in Tuscany can be very cold. Occasionally the temperature drop to 0oC and it is rainy.

In December cities, museums and towns are less crowd than summertime. Moreover if the weather is cold in this month you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, towns and villages dress up for holidays with lights and decorations. Furthermore, don’t miss the Christmas concert in the Cathedral of Siena.

Tuscany weather in January

January is the coldest month in Tuscany. During the day time usually it is sunny and mild, but at night it can be frosty. It is quite common the snow in the mountains that attracts many skiers.

If you are thinking to visit Tuscany during your winter break than the region will give you the opportunity to visit the city and at the same time to enjoy the ski slope.

Tuscany weather in February

The weather in Tuscany in February is similar to January. It could be less cold, but still cold. In winter towns, cities and villages are really quite. It can be a good idea spent a weekend in one of the many thermal baths around the region. All you will need is to relax and enjoy a body massage.

Spring in Tuscany

Spring becomes the perfect time to visit Tuscany, both in the countryside and in the city. In this season the temperature warms up, the rains decrease and the first sunny days arrive, the perfect time to start enjoying the good weather. In spring the countryside blooms and colors explodes, ideal for a tour of Chianti region to discover Tuscan wines and products, or for a walk in nature that offers beautiful landscapes. A holiday in a country villa is a special way to spend your journey in this wonderful land.
Spring is also the best time to explore cities, without the heat and the crowds of summer you will certainly find less row in front of the great museums and churches of Florence or Siena. Taking advantage of the low season is a smart way to plan your holiday in Tuscany.Enjoying these first beautiful days of good weather by observing the most famous works of art in the world is a unique experience.
This season is also ideal for enjoying a trip to discover hidden spots of Tuscany, exploring some of the most evocative and characteristic medieval villages. San Gimignano, Cortona or small monasteries and abbeys immersed in nature and often very close to the city are beautiful destinations for a day trip.

Discovering these places will fascinate you and take you back in time. In spring, specially in March and April, the weather is not so stable, so it’s allways a good idea to take with you an umbrella or a light jacket.

Tuscany weather in March

March in Tuscany has a crazy weather. It is a mix between winter and spring. During this month could be nice take a walk in the amazing countryside, but be careful because the end of the month can be rainy.

The cities are colourful because are decorated with spring flowers.

Tuscany weather in April

April in Tuscany is a lovely spring month. Amazing colours thanks to flower in the field and fruit trees in bloom. Warm weather with longer sunny days are the main characteristics during this month.

Tuscany weather in May

If you are planning to visit Tuscany, then May can be one of the best months. It is not too cold and not too warm. The cities are quite and to visit the monuments or museums you don’t need to wait too much in queue. The weather is quite often sunny and in some days the temperatures are enough high to give you the opportunity to go to the beach.

Autumn in Tuscany

Tuscany in autumn changes colors and prepares for winter. The month of September is perfect, the temperatures are still warm and pleasant while they go down in October and November. For a holiday discovering nature autumn is a fantastic time, the landscapes that can be admired will be full of life and colors. In this season the more conventional and artistic tourism begins to decline and the Tuscan countryside starts offering new experiences, such as wine and food tours that will allow you to taste the authentic Tuscan products. Strolls and explorations immersed in the yellow and red shades of autumn will give you calm and peace while taking a breath from the stress of your daily routine. This season is perfect to slow down and relax. Autumn in Tuscan countryside also means one thing: Harvest. People fills the vineyards for this centuries-old ritual of grape harvesting. Seeing this fantastic tradition in a land of excellence like Chianti will give you unique emotions and suggestions. In the wineries it will then be possible to taste the best wines of previous vintages. enjoying and discovering the product in a new way and understanding the processes behind those fantastic flavours.


The weather in September, as in spring, is really moody and can change rapidly, we suggest to take with you always an umbrella and a light jacket for when the temperature gets down.

Autumn in Tuscany, vineyards

It is always worthwhile to visit a unique land like Tuscany, every season gives different shades and makes your journey a unique experience. All you have to do is choose which season inspires you the most and set off to discover our wonders.

Tuscany weather in September

September is still warm but not too much. During this month in Tuscany you can still enjoy the beaches. Usually the first part of the month is hotter than the second part of it.

Tuscany weather in October

The fall starts to set in during the month of October. The beginning of October is still warm in the morning but at night the temperature is much lower than the morning hours. Usually since the middle of October temperatures are between 10-20oC.

First days of October some rain could be occasional but at the end of the month it can be more persistent and it will be possible wind during the day. In this month the weather is too cold to go to the beach.

Tuscany weather in November

The temperatures in November during the day time are between 10-16oC but at night are lower, 6oC and sometimes less than that.

Usually November is the rainiest month of the year, cold, windy and dry weather. If you are planning to visit Tuscany in this month we suggest you to bring with you warm cloths as well as heavy jackets, jumpers, boots or waterproof footwear.

Instead of the weather, the colours of nature during autumn are breathtakinig.

Average temperatures month bymonth

Temperatures in Tuscany











Weather during a season can change a lot depending on months, and is a good idea to know average temperatures to better prepare you for your fantastic journey. Let’s get a closer look to weather in Tuscany discovering average temperatures month by month.


To se real time forecast for Tuscany we suggest you to watch these links:

Activities in Florence for every season   

After seeing the weather and temperatures in Tuscany it’s time to know how to enjoy your holiday with unique experiences. Now we move to Florence discovering the best activities for each season.

Summer in Florence

Visiting monuments in the morning 

Florence is one of the richest places in art all over the world, but in July and August could be pretty hot to be outside at every hour. Mornings, before noon, is perfect to stroll in the streets of the town and visit museums and churches. Being stranded in a row with the burning sun is not an excellent way to spend your journey. Check the opening time of your favourite monuments and be sure to visit them just open.Visiting Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi and all the other beautiful spots of Florence is much easier and practical in the morning. We recommend you to read this to discover the best monuments in Florence and Tuscany.


Winter in Florence

Piazza Santa Croce Christmas Market 

Whit its cold air winter is perfect for a cozy mug of hot chocolate or a good Tuscan soup for diner. Moreover, winter is holiday season and in Florence the city shines with lights and decorations all over the streets. Every year in Piazza Santa Croce, one of the most famous and beautiful in town, hosts a Chrismas market in the authentic German style. In the characteristic wooden stalls you will find food and craft products and foods from all over Italy and Europe. There are also many local products such as the characteristic Tuscan leather bags.

Walking through this market, feeling the Christmas air in a magnificent place like Florence is an unforgettable experience.


Spring in Florence

Explore the gardens of Florence 

In spring nature awakens and offers wonderful shows. Florence is rich in gardens and green spots and between your visits to museums and churches make sure you also go through one of these fabulous floral views.Giardino di Boboli is certainly one of the most beautiful and special gardens in Florence, here you will find statues and works of the Italian Renaissance immersed in the green flourishing nature. Built by the Medici, this garden represents an encounter between the beauty of nature and that of art. From the fountains and the statues to the amphitheater, inside the Boboli Gardens you will travel to Renaissance Florence.

If you search romantic atmosphere the Rose Garden its for you. In May roses are in full bloom and color the ladscape with incredible shades. Walking in this garden full of roses and their scents, and admiring the breathtaking view of the city from there, will be a show for your eyes The charm of Florence enriched by spring colors is irresistible.

spring in florence


Autumn in Florence

Harvest and wine tours in the land of Chianti

In autumn we can attend a tradition that for centuries takes place in these lands, the grape harvest. In the Chianti region every year in autumn (in particular in the month of October) the harvest of grapes begins, which involves hundreds and hundreds of locals who will participate in the birth of the new wine. Near Florence, it is worth moving out of the city to participate in wine tours that this season often include both vineyard and wineries. In this way you will be able to observe the activity of the harvest, full of history and meanings, to then go to the cellars to discover the best local wines. The art of wine making makes Florence and all the Tuscany famous all over the world and being able to see it up close and participate in it will be a wonderful experience for you.


Florence is a magical place, where art and nature meet together giving life to unique and unforgettable shows. Each season has its peculiarities, making your journey even more unique.


Volognano: the best accomodation for every seasonBBest accomodation in Tuscany - Volognano

If you want to fully enjoy the wonders that Tuscany offers all year round you need the best accommodation.

Volognano is a castle near Florence, only 10 miles away, which thanks to its particular position allows you to explore the city and its beautiful art or, if you prefer, admire the nature of the Tuscan countryside. Every period of the year you will not be disappointed by the beauties that can be observed and reached from Volognano.

Located in Chianti hills, known for the production of superb wines, right here at the castle you can admire the autumn harvest, taste fine wines in its winery and enjoy the flavors of Tuscany with its dishes. There are many features that make this location magical and special.

At the castle of Volognano you can find the best of Tuscany, in every season.


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Best monuments in tuscany

The Top 15 Places to Go in Tuscany

Tuscany is the perfect destination for a wonderful holiday in Italy, famous for cities of art, wine and breathtaking views. But to fully enjoy this experience it is essential to organize your trip and find out which are the best places to see.


Contents of the post:

  1. The top 10 monuments to visit
  2. The top 5 experiences to live in Tuscany
  3. Where is Tuscany (Map)
  4. How to get in Tuscany
  5. Tuscany Italy weather: when to get there
  6. The best accomodation



The top 10 monuments to visit

Tuscany is famous worldwide for its stunning monuments, sign of the highest Italian art. Follow us on this journey among the best 10 monuments in Tuscany.


1. Florence Dome, Florence

Let’s start whit Florence and its wonderful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as Duomo di Firenze.

Its construction began in 1296 and saw their conclusion only in 1436 with the realization of the famed Brunelleschi Dome.From the outside the Cathedral impresses for its huge dimension, whit the eye-catcher Carrara marble that covers it and makes it sparkle under the sun of summer.
Inside you can immediately notice the two aisles, along wich there are paintings of famous personality of the time above, such as Dante, Giotto and Brunelleschi.
Great pillars and vaults support and raise it in its height, making the Florence Dome the fourth largest cathedral in Europe. From the side staircases you can access the dome and from here enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, unmissable.

Santa Maria del Fiore isn’t a simple church, the art and the works of the most important Itanian Renaissance artists make it a place of priceless beauty.

2. Palazzo della Signoria, Florence

Staying in Florence, we find Palazzo della Signoria, better known as Palazzo Vecchio. Outside looks like a medieval fortress, inside paintings and decoration bring us back to Renaissment.

In Palazzo Vecchio private rooms and apartments are transformed in a museum that shows us the art of the time above. The most impressing room by size and beauty is certainly Salone dei Cinquecento, the hall where the Government received distinguished guests in fifteenth century. Decorated by huge paintings and great statues, Salone dei Cinquecento hosts the greatest artists of Florence like Michelangelo, Leonardo and Brunelleschi.

Further this wonderful hall we can find a large number of rooms and private apartments of the Medici, libraries and bedrooms that hide treasures of art.

Bonus: inside Palazzo Vecchio you can walk on secret passages built by the Medici as shortcuts to access to privates room.


3. Uffizi Gallery, FlorenceBest monuments in Florence

In the historic center of Florence there is one of the most important museums in Italy, the Uffizi Gallery, where are located the most iconic and important works of the Italian Renaissment.

Built by the House of Medici as an office of the magistrates (uffizi means offices), the Uffizi hosts inside masterpices like the Birth of Venus and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, Annunciation by Leonardo, Medusa by Caravaggio and many other works by artists like Michelangelo and Giotto.

Uffizi is the spirit of the Renaissment and contains the peak of its expression in the works and in the architectures of the many buildings that forms the gallery; visiting a so important place of art is a unique experience.


4. Boboli Gardens, Florence

Florence isn’t only enormous Cathedrals and museums of rare beauty, we can also find there a garden with sculptures and historic architectures surrounded by trees and flowers, we are in Boboli gardens.

Built by the House of Medici, Boboli garden is a journey in different periods of art, with 18th and 16th century sculptures and pieces of roman period brought to enrich the beauty of this place. Now we can admire the garden fully enjoying of its spaces, during the Renaissment the access was exclusive to Medici’s family.

A large number of fountains with statues of classical taste and the Boboli amphitheatre makes this garden the perfect place to take a walk among what was once the secret and exclusive beauty of Florence.


5. Siena Cathedral, Siena

Tuscany is not only Florence and you can visit many other wonderful cities of art able to make those who visit them fall in love, one of these is certainly Siena with its Cathedral, located in the beautiful Piazza del Campo.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the main church in Siena, one of the most important in the Gothic-Roman style in Italy.

Its imposing architecture, its tower from which to admire the city and the many statues and paintings inside make Siena one of the most beautiful places of art in Tuscany. One of the greatest works in the Cathedra is the floor itself, that with its fantastic shades of various marbles hosts representations of various themes, such as city emblems and religious histories. This floor made the cathedral famous during its construction for its beauty and richness of elements. Moreover marble statues by Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini make this place unique.

Visiting a place so rich in art is an experience that you cannot miss in your trip to Tuscany.


6. Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

We stay in Siena after visiting its splendid cathedral and find the Palazzo Pubblico, seat of the Republic of Siena’s government in the 13th century.

Its external structure of the building is in medieval style with gothic influences visible for example in the shape of the windows. Its bell tower, Torre del Mangia, gives a wonderful view of the city and was designed to be taller than the main tower in Florence, in fact there was rivalry between the two cities at that time. Inside Palazzo Pubblico we find rooms and halls decorated by large frescos that surround the ambient.

Palazzo Pubblico is the perfect place to finish your trip to Siena, or, if you want, you can stay longer visiting other interesting monuments such as Fonte Gaia and Libreria Piccolomini.


7. Leaning tower, Pisabest monuments in Tuscany - Pisa

Perhaps one of the most iconic monuments known abroad, the Tower of Pisa is famous for its lean of four degrees developed in reason of the unstable foundation where is located. Now the tower is stable and safe, despite maintaining its characteristic inclination.

This building is the bell tower of the near Cathedral of Pisa, with a height of 183.27 feet on the low side and 185.93 feet on the high side. Everyday thousands of tourists came to Pisa to visit this magnificent tower and its curious slope.

The works for this worldwide famous monument begun in 1173, and yet in 1178 the subsoil starts to cede making sink it from a side. So the fame of this tower is ancient and well known over the centuries to the present day.


8. Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery, Pisa

Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa is a phenomenal concentration of places of historical and artistic interest, here in fact you can find the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Tower of Pisa.

The Cathedral, built in 1097, is a significant example of Roman architecture with its exterior facade in marble of white, black and grey tonalities. In the interior great columns
support the church, which houses works of art and statues of great importance. One of the most notable pieces in it is certainly the marble pulpit carved by Giovanni Pisano.


Near the Cathedral is located another building, the Baptistery of St. John. Built in roman style whit massive gothic influences, the baptistery in the external is covered with the classic white marble used for many other religious buildings in Tuscany. Inside solid columns stand in circle and we can find a pulpit similar to the one in the Cathedral, but this time carved by Nicola Pisano, father of Giovanni.

Piazza dei Miracoli and its buildings are symbols of Tuscany and Italy all over the world, unforgettable.


9. San Gimignano

Near Siena and Florence but far from the crowd, San Gimignano is a small medieval town, known for its characteristic architecture and the towers built in it.
The town of San Gimignano stands on a hill and, surrounded by walls and towers, is able to take you back in time.

If you want a charming and eye-catching view of Tuscan countryside San Gimignano is the right place. With its 14 towers it is possible to enjoy a privileged observation point of the flourishing Italian countryside.

For a day trip to discover a hidden corner of Tuscany, San Gimignano cannot leave you disappointed.


10. Guinigi Tower, Lucca

Lucca is a very characteristic place, known for its historical center and the buildings that are conserved here. One of this buildings is truly unique, we are talking about the Guinigi Tower. Built in 1300 this tower seems regular to a first view, but watching closer to its top we can notice a hanging garden on its roof.

Sitting down and relaxing under the shade of its ancient holms, enjoying the view from the high of the tower make this an unconventional but precious destination to put on your map.


The top 5 experiences to live in Tuscany

A holiday in Tuscany is an experience to be lived to the full, letting yourself be involved in this fascinating land.

What to do on this fantastic journey in Tuscany? Here is our list of the 5 best experiences to live in Tuscany.

1. Wine tours in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous all over the world for its exceptional wines, including Chianti.

And Chianti is more over a wine, it’s a region that gives you the opportunity to discover wineries and vineyards, to give a taste of Tuscany with its famed wines. You can find many guided wine tours that will allow you to travel among the best wineries and taste the best wines of the region.

wine tours in tuscany


2. Day trip to the countryside

During your holiday you can leave the city and take a short day trip to explore new spots in Tuscany. Get away from the crowd of tourists and reach quiet and suggestive places, is a great way to enrich your holiday. A big city like Florence is an excellent base from which to start and in a couple of hours reach new destinations with trains or buses. Among these we definitely recommend Lucca and San Gimignano, or a tour in the region of Chianti.


3. Vintage Vespa tours in Florence

What a better way to discover Florence and its countryside than with a Vespa, the scooter symbol of Italian style?
Guided Vespa tours will take you through the hills near Florence, stopping to take photos of the most scenographic views and often heading towards a typical trattoria where you can taste the flavors of Tuscany.


4. Morning walk in Florence historic center

The morning is perfect to take a walk in Florence, when the streets are not too crowded and the temperature is pleasant even in the summer months.

Take a good coffee in the bars of the center and then walk around Piazza della Signoria, one of the most important squares in Florence, in front of Palazzo Vecchio. Here you will find a copy of the famous David by Michelangelo (you can see the original one in the Museum Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence). The streets of the historic centre, rich in art and interesting views, and Ponte Vecchio with the sight on the Arno river are just some of the places where take a walk and enjoy Florence.

5. Discover the food

Tuscany is famous for its food, and in your journey you can’t miss to taste some of the most typical and characteristic recipes. From the street food of a lampredotto sandwich to a warm and creamy Tuscan soup you will be spoiled for choice between classic trattorias, modern restaurants and faster but no less original alternatives.


Where is Tuscany (Map)

Tuscany is one of the 20 regions of Italy, in the north-central area of the state. Neighboring regions are: Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Umbria and Lazio. On the west the region is limited by the Tyrrhenian sea forming a beautiful coast.Map- where is tuscany

Tuscany is not far from Milan and Rome and you can reach Florence and the other major cities with a few hours of train.



How to get in Tuscany

You can easily reach Tuscany by plane, indeed there are two international airports: Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence and Galileo Galilei international Airport in Pisa.

Both airports have flights from and to the most important cities in Europe. Pisa has more flights from Europe, so it’s perfect as arrival for a tour of many cities in Tuscany. Florence is more practical if you are going to plan you journey only in this city.

Reaching Tuscany from North America you have two main options:

  • Fly to Rome or Milan and then arrive in Tuscany with trains.
  • Fly to another European city as a stopover and reach Pisa or Florence with another flight.


If your journey includes other Italian cities, like Rome or Milan, you can easily reach the most important cities in Tuscany by train in a few hours.

From Rome:

  • Florence; 1 h 20 min
  • Pisa; 2h 30min
  • Siena; 3h 20min


From Milan:

  • Florence; 1 h 50 min
  • Siena; 3h 15min
  • Pisa; 3h 20min


Tuscany Italy weather: when to get there

Tuscany is vast, and the climate often depends on the area where we are; weather changes from coast to cities and hills.

The best time of the year to get in Tuscany depends on your plans; if you plan to visit the main cities of art and walk all day chose May, June or September, the temperature is generally mild and you will not suffer the heat.

Summer months like July and August are really hot in Italy, this heat is perfect if you plan to go to some beach or explore the coast. In Tuscany there are beautiful seasides like Forte dei Marmi, Argentario, Isola d’Elba and many others.


The best accomodation: Volognano

Volognano Castle

We are in one of the most magical places in the world, and this experience should be enjoyed to the best. This is why it is important to have the best accommodation you can find for your journey in Tuscany. Volognano Castle is just 16 km from the historic center of Florence, a wonderful start for exploring the city in all its beauty.
Nestled in the Chianti hills the Castle is far from the mass of tourists in the city, so at the end of the day you can peacefully relax by the pool with a good glass of wine. About wine in Volognano you will find a beautiful vineyard and a winery where you can taste the quality and the goodness of a wine born from a heritage of love for Tuscany and its products. Volognano Castle is an experience about live and taste your journey in Tuscany, near the city and far from the crowd you will discover your new place in the heart.



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