Dov'è la Toscana in Italia

Tuscany in Italy (Map of Tuscany and of Italy)

Tuscany is a region of central Italy that borders to the northwest with Liguria, to the north with Emilia-Romagna, to the east with the Marche and Umbria, to the south with Lazio. Let’s find out more about this region. Provinces of Tuscany Let’s start with the provinces of the Tuscany. Arezzo The city of Arezzo […]

Best accomodation in Tuscany Italy

The list of the best hotels in Tuscany region

Tuscany is a magical land, full of things to discover and experience. To enjoy your holiday it’s essential to have the right accommodation and to help you we have selected the best hotels in Tuscany. Among the hotels, residences and apartments we have chosen, you will certainly find the right accommodation for your journey!   […]

Best cities of Tuscany

Tuscany the Map (Top Cities)

It is impossible to visit Tuscany without getting lost among the great cities of art, innumerable historic villages, hills and landscapes with a unique charm on which the characteristic vineyards and cultivated fields follow one another, giving rise to some of the most famous wines and gastronomic products Italy. Tuscany is perhaps the most beautiful […]

Best monuments in tuscany

The Top 15 Places to Go in Tuscany

Tuscany is the perfect destination for a wonderful holiday in Italy, famous for cities of art, wine and breathtaking views. But to fully enjoy this experience it is essential to organize your trip and find out which are the best places to see.   Contents of the post: The top 10 monuments to visit The […]