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Volognano is a globally unique village that offers the opportunity to enjoy countless experiences to taste, live, and learn in one of the most beautiful Italian regions, Tuscany. The Volognano Castle is located in the heart of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini area. Its suites, rooms, swimming pool, and gardens are perfect for holidays and exclusive events, but also to take part in tastings and food & wine workshops with direct sales of local products. All this, just 16 km from the historic center of Florence.

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Staying in Volognano means living an experience made of hospitality, history, classicism and at the same time of extreme comfort both logistical and technological. The concept is that of a location based on the union between alleged opposites: local and cosmopolitan at the same time, Volognano is, in fact, a country place near a city with a great tradition like Florence; it is the high craftsmanship of its finishes and the design of its services, conceived to entertain you; it is the luxury of its rooms with sophisticated furnishing accessories and the simplicity of a meal made of local ingredients to be accompanied by an inevitable glass of wine.

Volognano • simbolo web


How to enhance an important food & wine tradition such as those of Tuscany without remaining anchored in the past? How to produce an innovative experience without betraying the legacy of such a vast heritage? These are the questions to which Volognano responded by preparing its offer on the subject of food & wine. For generations, we have been working on wines, spirits and extra virgin olive oil. Today we combine those with traveling taste experiences aimed to discover the flavours of the land, the techniques to prepare our products and the places where they are sold. We offer tastings, lunches, and dinners prepared by specialised chefs, events, workshops on gastronomy, organised tours and a thousand other complete experiences.

Volognano • simbolo web


In addition to having fun, relaxing and joyfully experiencing unforgettable moments of sharing, in Volognano it is possible to learn. However our concept of learning is not so much based on teaching, but on experience and senses. Learn tasting, sharing ideas, conversing, traveling, playing, making the colours and flavours of this unique corner of the world your own. Volognano is this too.

Volognano • simbolo web


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